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Program Resources

The program team at GSWNY is here for you! If you need assistance with Journey, the Girls Guide to Girl Scouting, council-sponsored programs, high award question, etc., please contact the program department team at 1-888-837-6410 and ask for a program manager or email us!

Camp Adventure Club!

GSWNY’s Camp Adventure Club is the perfect setting for girls that want that exhilarating outdoor adventure. Through this club girls will learn outdoor skills, practice the seven principles of Leave No Trace, experience some amazing trips and form lifelong friendships. Girls who join the Camp Adventure Club will receive their GSWNY Camp Adventure Club patch and rider for each trip that they participate in.

To become a member girls must attend a GSWNY Camp Adventure Skills day and be able to demonstrate proficiency in 8 basic camp skills –
· Tents/Shelters
· Knots & Lashings
· Camp Tools
· Fire Building
· Outdoor Cooking
· Health & Safety
· Map & Compass

To help prepare girls for the skill days, our new GSWNY Camp Adventure Skills Program Guide, that outlines the necessary steps needed to achieve said skills, is now on our website. Click on the link provided and your and your troop can get started on practicing your outdoor skills.

GSWNY Camp Adventure Club Skills Program

(All equipment needed for the skills will be provided on the day of the event.)

Outdoor Guidelines (Grades 4-6)

Outdoor Older Guidelines (Grades 7-12)

Venture Out!

This is a brand new online adventure program that allows volunteers to explore the many different ways of taking their troops to explore the great outdoors. You will find information and tips on how to get girls outdoors, real-life stories from girls and volunteers and helpful advice from other volunteers who have used Venture Out. Click this link to get started with Venture Out!

Venture Out (Please click this link for more information on Venture Out.)

New Girls Choice Outdoor Badges!

This brand new outdoor badge program was chosen by girls. They are designed to introduce girls to the wonders of outdoors though 5 different levels - Brownie - Outdoor Adventure; Junior - Horseback Riding; Cadette –Archery; Senior - Paddling and Ambassador - Ultimate Recreation Challenge.

There are activity skill packets for each badge level available for you to work on with your girls. Simply click on this link and you can download the skills packet for free. The outdoor badges can be purchased at any one of our council shops.

Outdoor Program Badges (Please click this link for more information on Outdoor Badges.)

Outdoor Program Vendor List

For questions on any of our outdoor programs please contact Janet DePetrillo, Director of Outdoor Program at Email



Resource boxes are kits that contain everything you need to present the program to girls. To reserve a resource box, complete the Resource Kit Rental Form and submit it to the Program Team at Requests must be submitted a minimum of two weeks prior.

Techbridge Program-in-a-Box Kits:

  • Design Time
  • Power It Up
  • Thrillbuilders
  • Engineers to the Rescue
  • Make It Green

Click here to see more information. 

GPS Units  - All Levels

By renting the hand held GPS systems you can guide your troop through the fun of Geocaching.

Forever Green – D, B, J

With this resource box, girls will become aware of their own impact on the environment and start to think about ways to reduce it. They will gain skills and resources to teach others how to appreciate the environment.

Girl Scout Way – All Levels

This resource box is intended to assist girls in earning their Girl Scout Way Legacy Badge. Resources include songbooks, Girl Scout handbooks, World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts book, Girl Scout games book and the Scouting History book.

Girl Scout Songs – All Levels

This resource box provides a variety of songs to learn and share. Traditional Girl Scout songs are included as well as some that may be new to you.

Girl Scouts Explore STEM – J,C

This resource box will introduce girls to technology and engineering concepts. Using three activity boxes - Snap Circuits, Fischertechnik and Mindstorms - girls will learn about circuitry, alternative energy sources and robotics.

Girl Scout Tea Ceremony – All Levels

This resource box is designed to be used for “Tea Celebrations” for special events such as Gold, Silver, and Bronze Award ceremonies, Court of Awards and other special formal events. Each kit comes with instructions on how to host a Tea Ceremony and contains tea cups and saucers (for display only), a white linen tablecloth, silver toned metal trays and silk roses.

Disability Awareness – All Levels

This resource box contains dolls with various adaptive equipment to promote understanding of how and why certain equipment is used by disabled individuals.

Flag Ceremony Box – All Levels

Each service center has a Flag Ceremony box that contains white gloves, red sashes, a card with the proper commands and both an American flag and a GSWNY flag.

Reality Store – J, A

Test your budgeting and life planning skills. Choose a career and a family. Buy a car and a house. Open a checking and savings account and go shopping. Girls will learn to make decisions based on salary and other life cards.

Lego Robotics – J, C, S, A

This resource box of Legos is great for older Girl Scouts to explore STEM.

K-Nex - D, B

This resource box contains K’nex materials that are great for Daisies and Brownies to explore STEM.

Ropes Courses at Camp Seven Hills/Goodyear & Camp Piperwood

Reserve a date just for your troop to experience our ropes course activities! Imagine an unforgettable outdoor adventure that fosters trust, problem solving, team building, and overcoming fears in a safe environment!

To register your troop, click Camp Properties Rentals then select Camp Seven Hills or Camp Piperwood, then open the Ropes Course Usage Form. Choose your date and complete the form.

Daisies and Brownies can participate in Team Building only. Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors can participate in all ropes course activities.

GSWNY Council’s Own Badges/Patches
Religious Awards for All Ages

Girls of all grade levels can now earn the My Promise, My Faith pin developed by Girl Scouts of the USA. This pin, which girls can earn once a year, complements existing religious recognitions and allows all girls to further strengthen the connection between their faith and Girl Scouts. Requirements for the My Promise, My Faith pin can be found in each grade level of the Girls Guide to Girl Scouting Handbook.

Outdoor Program Vendors
Girl Scout Traditions