New! Direct Sales

Direct Sales

  • Place troop special order (direct sale) in Nute by selecting the Girl Icon and the Troop Special line. Enter quantity for each product and click save.
  • The troop special order will be available at delivery.
  • Girls will earn a booth sale patch. Enter the number of booth sale patches wiht the girl rewards order in Nute.
  • The troop special order does not qualify toward girl rewards.
  • The troop will earn $1 for every troop special order item ordered. 


How can we participate in a Direct Sale?

  • Candy and Nut Stand - This is a “lemonade” type stand a Girl Scout can set up on her own own property (i.e., in front of her house) to sell candy and nuts as her city and/or home owners’ association permits.
  • Walkabouts - When a Girl Scout troop works together to map out then walk a neighborhood to sell product door-to-door in a residential area with adult supervision.
  • Rolling Sale - Putting product in a wagon and doing direct sales to customers in residential areas with adult supervision.
  • Caravan - Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador troops go door to door with a buddy in a residential area while the supervising adults follow in a car with the product.

Can we do a rolling sale/Walkabout/Caravan as a Troop at one of our meetings?

Yes! What a fun outing for your troop and a great way to help girls reach their goals!


Can we do a rolling sale as a family?

Yes! Girl Scouts embraces family involvement.

How does the troop order product?

Place a troop special order in Nute.

What does a girl earn?

The girl will earn the Booth Sale patch

Fall 2013 Booth Sale Patch

What does the troop earn?

The troop will earn $1 for every Troop Special Item order.

Where does the troop pick up their product?

The troop special order will be available at delivery.