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How to submit a troop secured booth request

How to secure a first come, first served booth in Snap


About Digital Cookie

Digital Cookie is a groundbreaking new addition to the Girl Scout Cookie Program that creates a fun, safe, interactive space for girls to sell cookies and develop the 5 skills of the traditional Girl Scout Cookie Program - goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics – while also learning about emarketing, online commerce, website maintenance, digital order taking, and shipping. These are vital activities for modern business and modern life!

Digital Cookie complements and strengthens both traditional door-to-door sales and booth sales by adding and teaching a new layer of skills. With Digital Cookie, customers will be able to buy Girl Scout through their online cookie business by inviting customers via email to visit their personalized cookie websites. There, consumers can order cookies from the comfort of their living room. Girls can also take in-person orders using a unique mobile app newly enhanced to allow for credit card processing and direct shipping.

Find out more about the Digital Cookie program, including shipping and handling information, in our Digital Cookie Q&A document.


Digital Cookie Safety

Nothing is more important within Girl Scouting than ensuring the health and safety of girls. This extends to making sure girls and adults are safety conscious, and that adults are trained to ensure proper supervision, prevention of accidents and incidents, and maintenance of program resources. Learn more about the safety in Digital Cookie through the following pledge and terms and conditions:

Safety requirements and regulations for Digital Cookie are in line with the classic cookie program. For example, a parent, guardian, caregiver or buddy (depending on the age of the Girl Scout) must be with the girl when she’s delivering cookies. Girls sending out product emails or announcements online should sign with their first names only and their council name. Personal emails or street addresses of girls should never be given.

Girls not participating in Digital Cookie may call and send email messages to alert friends and family to product sales, and they can accept customer commitments via email or telephone. Girls who are 13 years of age or older may use social networking sites to market product, but must follow council and GSUSA guidelines.