Cookie Cupboards

How do troops get extra cookies?

If you don't have many boxes left from your initial order, we have secured many cookie cupboards in your neighborhood for quick and easy pick-up. Council cookie cupboards are open to all troops so they may pick up additional inventory during the Girl Scout Cookie Program. They are not open to the public. Troops are welcome to visit any of the Girl Scout Cookie Cupboards located throughout the council to obtain more cookies. To find a Cookie Cupboard near you, click here to access the 2015 Cookie Cupboard Directory.

What is a cookie cupboard?

A cookie cupboard is a place where cookies are stored and available for troops to pick up additional cookies to re-stock a cookie booth to be able to continue selling or to fill a late girl order. Cookies from a cupboard are automatically charged to the troop account in Snap. Cases taken from a cookie cupboard cannot be returned or exchanged.

Is there a deadline to order?

Yes. All orders for cookies obtained from a cupboard are placed using the Planned Order menu listed under the Cookie Icon in SNAP.  

  • Keep goaling cookies may be ordered by individual packages.
  • Direct sale cookies are ordered by the case (12 packages per case).


Cookie Volunteers: Booth Sales

Girls are able to accomplish many aspects of the Girl Scout Program when planning a Girl Scout cookie booth. They need to think about marketing, appearance, setting goals, and finances. They can also have lots of fun! There are two types of cookie booths: council-sponsored cookie booths and troop-run cookie booths. Cookie booths must be in our own council boundaries.

Each troop is responsible for contacting and securing the business where they would like to hold a booth. Once this is done, all booths must be entered into the SNAP system for council approval. You will be notified by e-mail if your booth is denied. If approved, your booth will then be registered in our "Cookie Booth Locator" for customers to access from our website when looking for a place to purchase cookies.

Council-Sponsored Cookie Booths

Council-sponsored cookie booths are secured by GSWNY and are scheduled for troops throughout the council area via computer selection. These booths are in high volume/high profile locations, making them desirable spots for troops. The booths are assigned through the council selection system and are open to all troops in the council. The purpose of council-sponsored cookie booths is to allow all troops equal access to high-volume booth locations and allow all girls the opportunity to participate in booth sales. 

How to have a Great Cookie Booth Experience

Stock up. Have plenty of cookies and take orders if you run out.

Advertise! It pays. Get the girls involved. Brainstorm ways to attract customers to your cookie booth. Decorate with posters, goal charts, photos of troop activities, balloons, cookie boxes, etc. Your SU may have posters or tablecloths that you can borrow for a booth. Post arrows directing people to your location.

Recruit adult help. It's important to have enough grown-ups present to insure the safety of the girls (at least two adults). It's also important that adults don't take over. Girls learn by doing! Adults are there to provide support - help them understand their role so girls can get the most out of their cookie booth experience.

Be prepared. Think of fun ways to practice selling and telling customers about the troop's plans and goals.  Brush up on money-handling skills. Review safety rules. It will help your cookie booth run smoothly and get  the girls excited. If approached, most people will buy Girl Scout Cookies.

Safety Comes First for Cookie Booths

As stated in GSUSA's Safety Wise, "At all times, the health, safety, and security of girls should be paramount. All activities should be planned and carried out so as to safeguard the health, safety, and general well being of girls and adults. Girls and adults should follow proper safety practices at all times." Two adults and a minimum of two registered girls must be present at all times in order to participate in a Cookie Booth. All troops are expected to adhere to Council guidelines and make the safety of our girls our number one priority.


The Day of the Booth Sale

Girls and adults should wear some type of uniform and always wear your pins. Make a good first impression; you are representing Girl Scouts. Cookie Booths are a TROOP project: number of boxes of cookies sold at the booth should be divided equally among the girls selling at the booth and credited toward their awards.

Be at your booth and ready to set up for your sale at the time you have reserved. If you are unable to use your scheduled time, please make sure that another troop has the opportunity. Let the SU Cookie Booth Coordinator know so that she can reschedule another troop in your time slot.

  • Be sure the don't block the doorways. Good manners are a must.
  • Adults must remain outside with the girls at all times. NEVER leave them alone.
  • Safeguard the cash box. Appoint a person to periodically collect the money and take it to a safe location. Never have more than $50.00 in the cash box at one time.