Keep GOAL-ing Did you know that Girl Scout Cookie Booths are not the only way to continue working toward your Girl Scout Cookie Program goals?

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You can also take orders with a buddy door-to-door, or try out one of these other innovative sales ideas…

Try a COOKIE CARAVAN! Decorate a van with washable markers and canvas a neighborhood together.

Have you ever set up a lemonade stand in your neighborhood? Think about the fun you could have at a COOKIE STAND with your Girl Scout friends!

Set up a COOKIE DRIVE-THRU at your local church. The customers don't even have to get out of their cars.

Most customers, when asked, will purchase Girl Scout Cookies. Think about taking EXTRA BOXES when you drop off initial orders.

Grab a buddy for another DOOR-TO-DOOR round, but bring the cookies with you this time! For extra fun, pull them in a LITTLE RED WAGON!

Have your troop volunteers contact the service unit cookie booth coordinator and sign up for a GIRL SCOUT COOKIE BOOTH at a local merchant!

Get a group together for a WALK-ABOUT! Adults monitor while girls divide the houses on a block to visit.

Older girls can really learn BUSINESS NETWORKING skills by contacting companies for permission to speak at a staff meeting, or to suggest ways for companies to use Girl Scout cookies in their operations (e.g., give a box of Thin Mints to every person who takes a test drive, use Girl Scout cookies as balloon weights, or provide Girl Scout cookies as a special treat in the break room!).

HEAD TO THE OFFICE! With the help of parents or relatives, contact their employer for permission to make a pitch to the staff or to display an order card in the workplace. You could even attach a card with your picture and a note about your goals!


  • 99% of people surveyed thought that Girl Scouting was a good program and that the cookie sale was a central and valuable part of the program.
  • Most customers who are approached will buy.
  • Those who don't buy say they were not approached.
  • Those who were not approached say they would have bought if they had been given the opportunity.

Remember, all the boxes that you sell count toward your total. So you can continue earning recognition items, including Girl Scout Cookie Credit!

Plus, the continued sales help your Girl Scout troop earn more proceeds for its activities.