Step 1: Goal Setting

Enter your Service Unit's goal in SNAP. Help troop leaders and girls develop goals. Troops now have a safe and easy way to help girls boost sales and meet their goals. Visit the Cookie Timeline page for an idea of deadlines.

Step 2: Get Organized and Train Troop Leaders

  • Materials arrive to your home.
  • Attend any one Service Unit Cookie Manager trainings.
  • Train all troop leaders and cookie managers.
  • Be sure to give your contact information to all troop volunteers. It is important that you are the face of cookies for your Service Unit and cookie volunteers know how to reach you if they have questions.
  • Encourage troops to take part in a Service Unit Cookie Rally
  • This year there are several cookie booth locations where sign ups will be done through SNAP. This is being done at the request of our community partners that were overwhelmed by booth requests. Instructions to obtain one of these booths will follow.

Step 3: Explore SNAP at


  • The council will enter your contact information into the SNAP system.
  • A step-by-step Service Unit and Troop SNAP instruction manual will be available on the council website, the SNAP website.
    If you are in need of assistance with Snap and are unable to reach your Council or Service Unit Manager, please contact:

    Snap Help Desk
    1-800-853-3730 or

    When leaving a message or sending an email, please be sure to include your first and last name, your Council Name, your ServiceUnit and/or Troop Number, your phone number with area code and brief description of your problem. That information will allow us to serve you more effeciently.
  • Enter all troop and troop cookie manager's information into SNAP. This will allow troop cookie managers access to the system in order to familiarize themselves with the program and their girls' names.

Step 4: Initial Order

  • Check over troop orders and ensure that initial incentive have been ordered for all girls reaching the required levels.
  • Look for any unusual orders. Confirm with troop if there is a question.
  • Ensure that every troop has signed up for a delivery time in SNAP.

Step 5: To Delivery and Beyond

  • Print out the Troop Incentives Summary, (Initial) in the Reports tab to use as a receipt for Initial incentives. There is space for leaders to sign when accepting the initial incentives at delivery. Please turn in this sheet at the end of the program.
  • Coordinate and attend delivery for your service unit on the scheduled day and distribute initial incentives.
  • Remind troops not to accept damaged cookies.

Step 6: Wrapping things up

  • Monitor troops in SNAP to make sure they are distributing booth and Goal Getter cookies to the girls regularly. This is the only way to ensure that girls get proper credit for incentives. SNAP will not populate the correct incentive field if the cookies are not distributed to the girls. Once the incentive order has been placed and we are locked out of SNAP, we will not be able to rectify this.
  • Submit Final Incentives in SNAP. Click on the "Incentives" tab, then "Final Incentives." This page will show if there are selections to be made. After this is completed, click "Submit."
  • While in SNAP, click on the "Sales Report" tab to view each troop's sales summary. The amount due council should be $ 0.00 after all payments are recorded. If the amount is not $0.00 contact the troop leader to get the remaining proof of payments.
  • Turn in each troop's Sales Report, proof of payments, initial incentive sheet and any delinquent paperwork.

Step 7: When will they be here?

Visit our Cookie Timeline for more details.