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Girl Scout Gold Award® Highest Award for Girls in Gr. 9-12

The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest award that a Girl Scout Senior or Ambassador may earn. For many, the leadership skills, organizational skills, and sense of community and commitment that come from "going for the Gold" set the foundation for a lifetime of active citizenship. Colleges, employers and the military look favorably upon applicants with this credential. Someone once described the Girl Scout Gold Award as being "what you really want to be remembered for" in Girl Scouting.

Congratulations to the 2014 Gold Award Recipients!

Access a printable PDF of the 2014 Gold Award recipients.


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Gold Award Trainings

Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts who wish to earn their Gold Award must complete Gold Award Training. The training is designed to familiarize girls with the requirements for earning the award and to help prepare them for identifying, developing, and acting on their project ideas.  

New Online Gold Award Trainings

Step One: Download & print required course documents 

Step Two: Watch training video

  • View online video course (Windows Media Player required); be sure to view the videos at 100% (or original size); they will look blurry if viewed larger. If you do not have Windows Media Player, you may access the video on YouTube here.
  • Download a PDF of the PowerPoint Training slides featured during the on-line training; click here.

Step Three: Complete online Training Log

  • To receive credit, you must complete the online learning log.
  • You will receive a completion email within two weeks of completing the course.

A listing of upcoming classroom-style Gold Award trainings can be found in the Program Guide.

Registration for a Gold Award Training is required and can be completed through eBiz. There is no cost for this training. Gold Award Project Paperwork & Guidelines are available in the GSWNY Gold Award Packet.


The Gold Award Project

The Gold Award project is an individual project that a girl can be passionate about—in thought, deed, and action. It fulfills a need within a girl's community (whether local or global), creates change, and is sustainable into the future. If it is an event, the event should be something that people will want to continue for the next year; if it is a service, it should be something that creates change or action with long-term possibilities, empowering others besides just the girl; if it is something tangible, it should come with a plan for use and maintenance within the community. The project is more than a good service project—it encompasses organizational, leadership, and networking skills.  

Gold Award Projects are approved and reviewed at the Council level. Training is available to help girls and leaders get started.  Council staff and volunteers provide advice and support throughout the process.

Tell Us About Your Gold Award Project:

Over the years, there have been some fantastic Gold Award Projects sumitted by our Gold Award Recipients.  Here is a sample of one of those outstanding projects:

Studies Graphic Hi! The purpose of this resource guide is to give parents and children helpful information about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) all compiled in one place. This guide contains museums & science center listings, various summer camps, websites from all the areas of STEM, good books with fun stories or activities, fantastic magazines, and other suggestions.

I've been exploring STEM for as long as I can remember, and have personal experience with many of the science museums, camps, books and websites mentioned in this guide. I am excited to share my love of science and math with you through this resource guide!

I hope this STEM Resource Guide serves you well and helps you and your child get even more excited and interested in pursuing science, technology, engineering, and math.

In this guide I have included information about museums and other sites that will be especially helpful to families living in the Western New York region (WNY) which includes the Buffalo/Rochester area. I included local sites as well as places that are within a short drive or a day's drive from WNY. You will also find information about the best science centers in the country, in case you are able to travel to those fantastic places sometime in the future! Tie it into a vacation!

Following the young child summer camp list is a list of summer camps for high school students, to help your child maintain an interest in STEM through the teen years. This resource guide is useful for both girls and boys. Although this guide was created as part of my Girl Scout Gold Award Project, and includes some camps or websites just for girls, most of the information is designed for both girls and boys.

I sincerely hope this Resource Guide helps you and your children get excited about STEM! In my opinion, STEM is all about exploration, asking questions, and trying to find the answers. This guide can be one of your first steps in this fantastic journey!

Good luck! Happy Exploring!

Abigail S.

STEM Resource Guide