Product Sale Payments on the Go

The Girl Scouts of Western New York offers a mobile payment device for the Magazine & Munchies and the Cookie programs. Troops who are interested in participating will have the opportunity to accept credit cards as payment.

Sage Mobile Card Reader

The Sage Mobile Card Reader works on iPhones, iPads, or Android-powered smartphones and tablets that have a data plan. It's convenient to use any time or any where and is highly secure. The cost is $20 per unit, which is what is paid to SAGE.

Here's how it works:

  • Click here and select the G3X and G4X Mobile Card Reader list for compatible data smart phones. Many of the new phones on the G4X list are compatible with G3X Sage Mobile Credit Card Readers.
  • Payment will be processed through a mobile phone application, and customers will sign a receipt via the touch screen. An email record of the purchase can be sent to the customer.
  • If the sale is authorized, the funds are transmitted electronically from your customer's bank account to your troop's bank account. A receipt is emailed to your customer.
  • The Girl Scout troop receives a record of sale, but no data is stored in the phone.
  • Troops will be responsible for purchasing the device. The transaction fees will be covered by the Girl Scouts of Western New York council during the product sale timeline. (View the Cookie Program timeline here or the QSP timeline here.)


Place your order today

Troops may purchase a Sage Mobile Card Reader by clicking here. Once you receive your Sage Mobile Card Reader in the mail from Sage, please contact your local Girl Scout service center to help in setting up the troop account with Sage. A voided troop bank check is required for setting up the account with Sage, and once the account is set up, you will need to download the app on your smart phone or tablet.


What Sage Mobile Card Reader Users Have to Say

Sage Mobile Card Reader helps girls get results! Each of the 125 troops that participated in 2012 averaged an additional $265 in sales from the Cookie Program.

  • "For the first time ever, we'll be able to say yes to credit cards and process payments quickly right on our phones. It made it easy for our customers to buy a bundle of product and donate product as well."
  • "One troop reported selling 20% more than they did from a previous year at the same direct sale location. A customer at our direct sale started to take out cash to buy two items. We told her that she could use a credit card to pay for them. She ended up buying seven more items because she was able to use her credit card."


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