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Magazines and Munchies (QSP) Program

Looking for information on the SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards Program? Click here.

What is the QSP Program?

QSP sponsors a Girl Scout money-earning program that promotes literacy through the sale of magazine subscriptions and books. Forty-five percent of the value of each order is retained by GSWNY and helps to subsidize Girl Scout programs as well as provide funding to troops. All orders are backed by a guarantee of service by QSP. Customers do not become part of a mailing list through QSP.

More than 1,000 magazines are offered, including dozens of children's magazines and more than 60 digital magazines. Some magazine subscriptions offer a free gift or a second year’s subscription for free. Books round out the vast array of choices. 


How it Works

Ordering/Renewing your family and friends’ favorite magazines
Be sure to ask your Girl Scout family and friends to renew or subscribe to their favorite magazines. You may also contact family and friends via email through QSP’s online magazine ordering system. Your Girl Scout will earn troop proceeds and recognitions for each subscription purchased.


Friendly Referrals using Address Adventure
Your Girl Scout can ask family and friends living in other communities to help support Girl Scouts by completing the special referral coupons in the mail-out booklets. QSP will mail information that shows them how to purchase their favorite publications at the same low prices. Your Girl Scout will earn a patch for collecting nine address coupons. The troop will earn $2.00. (Maximum one book per girl.) Your friends and family members will receive two mailings. QSP does not put addresses in a database. They simply make a copy of the referral coupon and the person will receive only one mailing.


What is the Nut/Candy program?

The sale of nuts and candy is a product sales program that takes place in the fall. Girl Scouts will be able to offer customers the option to purchase a wide range of delicious and attractively packaged nuts and candy at affordable prices. This is a program to share with your family and friends. 


What is the SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards Program?

The SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards Program is a rewards component of the QSP Program that allows Girl Scouts and their troop leaders to earn points that translate into dollars toward college tuition. Learn more here.