We're excited to share the 2014 Mags & Munchies program incentives! See them in person and vote on your favorite at GSWNY Summer Camp starting in July!


#1 Headband Set QSP Recognition Headband Set
#2 Swiveled Fork QSP Recognition Swiveled Fork
#3 Knit Beanie Kit  QSP Recognition Knit Beanie Kit
#4 Large Stuffed Otter  QSP Recognition Large Stuffed Otter
#5 Small Stuffed Otter  QSP Recognition Small Stuffed Otter
#6 Diary with Pencil  QSP Recognition Diary QSP Recognition Pencil
#7 Bracelet Maker  QSP Recognition Bracelet Maker
#8 Skin-It Gift Certificate  QSP Recognition Skin-It
#9 Fashion Planner  QSP Recognition Fashion Planner
#10 Zipper Bag  QSP Recognition Zipper Bag
#11 Water Bottle and Soccer Ball  QSP Recognition Water Bottle and Soccer Ball
#12 Patches  QSP Recognition Patches 1 QSP Recognition Patches Two