Name Job Title Business Phone Location Email Address
Cindy Odom Chief Executive Officer  (716) 935-6031 Buffalo Email Cindy
Judy Cranston Chief Operating Officer  (585) 239-7999  Rochester  Email Judy
Debra Whais Chief Financial Officer  (716) 935-6041  Buffalo  Email Debra
Jerilyn Hickey Chief Development Officer (716) 935-6047 Buffalo Email Jerilyn
Bob Mann Senior VP of Asset Management  (888) 837-6410  Buffalo  Email Bob
Morgan Williams-Bryant Senior VP of Membership and Program (716) 935-6034 Buffalo Email Morgan
Anthony DiCerbo
Senior Vice President of Human Resources
(716) 935-6075 Buffalo Email Anthony
Faye Wohlhueter Executive Assistant to the CEO  (716) 935-6076  Buffalo  Email Exec Asst
Colleen Adams Program Facilitator (716) 935-6080 Lockport Email Colleen
Elizabeth Bartsch Senior Accountant  (716) 935-6052  Buffalo  Email Elizabeth
Denise Beeles-Johnson Membership Manager  (716) 935-6026  Jamestown  Email Denise
Melanie Bloodworth Director of Program (585)239-7929 Rochester Email Melanie
Mary Jo Brown Senior Vice President of Product Program and Customer Service (585) 239-7900  Rochester  Email Mary Jo
Erin Burd Director of Grant Administration (585) 239-7931 Rochester Email Erin
Randi Butz Program Facilitator  (716) 935-6080 Lockport Email Randi
Veronica Chiesi Brown PR Manager (585) 239-7909 Rochester Email Veronica
Jina Costa Retail\Customer Service Manager  (716) 935-6040  Jamestown  Email Jina
Leticia DeJesús Assistant Director of Program
(716) 935-6062 Buffalo  Email Leticia
Janet DePetrillo Director of Outdoor Program
(716) 935-6063  Buffalo  Email Janet
Maria Diaz Membership Manager  (716) 935-6060  Buffalo  Email Maria
Ann Doran Operations Assistant (585) 239-7920  Rochester  Email Ann
Amanda Dzierzanowski  Membership Manager (716) 935-6081 Lockport Email Amanda
Jeanne Fadale Accounts Payable Specialist
(716) 935-6039  Buffalo  Email Jeanne
Laura Fakharzadeh Product Sales Manager  (716) 935-6084  Lockport  Email Laura
Judy Gardner Information Systems Manager (585) 239-7924  Rochester  Email Judy
Kelly Garrow Membership Manager  (716) 935-6082  Niagara Falls Email Kelly
Kim Garrison Customer Service Specialist (585) 239-7910 Rochester Email Kim
Michelle George Customer Service Specialist (716) 935-6037  Buffalo  Email Michelle
Paradise Green Customer Service Associate (585) 239-7910 Rochester Email Paradise
Eileen Hettich Special Events Coordinator (716) 935-6030 Buffalo Email Eileen
Kim Howson Membership Manager (585) 239-7951 Rochester Email Kim
Callie Johnson Vice President of Marketing (716) 935-6023 Buffalo Email Callie
Jonathan Joyce Information Technology Specialist (716) 935-6074 Buffalo Email Jon
Gale Juntunen Senior Registrar  (585) 239-7908  Rochester  Email Gale
Lauri Keller Membership Manager (716) 935-6024 Jamestown Email Lauri
Christine Kirwan Director of Adult Development
(716) 935-6086 Buffalo Email Christine
Travis Knisley Customer Service Associate (716) 935-6000 Buffalo Email Travis
Shellie Lester Accounts Receivable Specialist
(585) 239-7905  Rochester  Email Shellie
Jenni Malcomb Membership Manager
(716) 935-6077 Buffalo Email Jenni
Laurie Marucci Program Facilitator (716) 935-6040 Jamestown Email Laurie
Debbie Mazzariello Product Program Assistant (716) 935-6042 Buffalo Email Debbie
Lanette McGovern Customer Service Specialist (716) 935-6043  Buffalo  Email Lanette
Tiffany Mincey Membership Manager (585) 239-7921 Rochester  Email Tiffany
Salena Morgan Regional Membership Director (585) 239-7991 Rochester Email Salena
Maggie Nieves Membership Manager  (585) 239-7913  Rochester  Email Maggie
Natasha Perkins Membership Manager  (716) 935-6068  Buffalo  Email Natasha
Bev Rhodes Development Assistant  (585) 239-7984  Rochester  Email Bev
Teresa J. Rios Customer Service Associate (585) 239-7901 Rochester Email Teresa
Emily Schlick Program Facilitator (585) 239-7907 Rochester Email Emily
Lani Sherrill Adult Development Manager  (585) 239-7925  Rochester  Email Lani
Lisa Shoop Registrar  (716) 935-6051  Buffalo  Email Lisa
Michele Smith Product Program Manager  (716) 935-6028  Jamestown  Email Michele
Valerie Smith Program Manager (585) 239-7915 Rochester Email Valerie
Mary Thran Product Program Manager  (585) 239-7922  Rochester  Email Mary
Terri Tiebor Registrar  (716) 935-6078  Lockport  Email Terri
Pat Vick Program Facilitator (716) 935-6040 Jamestown Email Pat
Scarlett Webb Customer Service Associate (585) 239-7901 Rochester Email Scarlett
Silvia Widish Membership Manager  (585) 239-7916  Monroe County  Email Silvia
Joanne Zdrojewski Program Manager (716) 935-6027 Jamestown Email Joanne