Whether you are sending your daughter away to camp for the first time or the 12th time, you will have questions.

Taking the time to get all the information you require not only helps you, but also your daughter, to have the best camp experience. Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions and their answers. If your question is not listed, please feel free to contact the Director of Outdoor Program at summercamp@gswny.org or 716-935-6063.

Does my daughter need to be a Girl Scout to register for camp?

If your child is not yet a registered Girl Scout, please check the appropriate box on the camp registration form and pay the additional $15 Girl Scout registration fee.

Can my daughter be placed in the same unit with her friend?

Resident Camp: If your daughter’s friend is also signed up for the same program, then yes, both girls will be in the same program unit. However, we do not reserve sleeping tents. Those are on a first come, first served. 

Day Camp: If two campers wish to be placed together in the same program as "buddies", they must both meet all program requirements. Please list "buddies" in the "Camper Buddies" section of the registration forms and submit registration forms together. Attempts will be made to honor their request, although it may not be possible to place more than two girls together. Please remember that camp is a time to enjoy old friends but also a time to make new ones.

Who are the staff members?

Our camp staff members are enthusiastic, talented, and caring adults who are selected on the basis of their experience, ability to serve as positive role models, and their genuine desire to work with children. We select staff who are committed to creating a caring and supportive environment that respects each child as an individual and allows her to feel good about who she is. Staff members are recruited from colleges and universities nationwide, local community agencies, Girl Scout referrals, and staff placement programs in other countries. Countries represented in the past have included England, Germany, Australia, Scandinavia, Fiji, and South Africa. Criminal and sexual background checks are completed on all staff members.

How old are the staff members?

Resident Camp: Staff members working directly with campers must be at least 18 years old.

Day Camp: Staff members working directly with campers must be at least 16 years old.

What training does the staff receive?

All staff are certified in First Aid/CPR and receive an extensive training prior to the arrival of all campers. Training includes activity programming and outdoor skills, health and safety, emergency procedures, age level characteristics, meeting camper needs, dealing with homesickness, and much more. Staff members who supervise and instruct high adventure or specialty activities are required to have additional training and qualifications.

What are the ratios of staff to campers?

The ratio at resident camp of unit counselors to campers is 1:8 for campers under age 8 and 1:10 for all others. The ratio at our day camps are 1:12 for all campers. Program, management, and support staff members are also available to support camper groups.

Where are the camps located?

Please check the Camp Locations Map.

Where will she sleep?

Camp programs for girls in grades 1-3 will sleep in lodges with staff supervision.

Camp programs for girls in grades 4-12 will sleep in cabin tent or platform tent units only.

Jackman Lodge at Camp Timbercrest                    Inside Bunk House at Seven Hills/Goodyear

Jackman Lodge at Camp Timbercrest     Bunk House at Camp Seven Hills

What will she eat?

Our food service staff at resident camp prepares a variety of pleasing and nutritious meals appropriate for children. Camp food isn't what it used to be! Our camps serve plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, and breads. Snacks are provided in the afternoons. Campers bring their own lunch to day camp.

Can special diets be accommodated?

Resident Camp: We do offer a vegetarian alternative at each meal. For girls wh ohave allergies, dietary needs or requirements based on religious or philosophical beliefs, we should discuss this as we may or may not be able to meet your requirements. Contact the Director of Outdoor Program to clarify what can be provided at camp.

What if she needs medical attention?

A health supervisor is on site at each camp and oversees the routine health care and administration of medications for all campers and staff. A doctor is on call if illness or injury requires additional medical attention. Parents would be notified in the event of an emergency.

What safety standards are followed?

Our camps are required to meet established standards for health and safety, site, program, and personnel, which are set by state and local governments, Girl Scouts of the USA, and the American Camp Association (ACA).

What is ACA?

American Camp Association Accredited

The American Camp Association is a national organization that sets high standards for the health and safety of campers and staff and the delivery of quality program. Click here to find out more.

Can I visit the resident camps?

Each camp will host an open house. Families are welcome to see the camp and meet the staff members. More information on camp open houses is available in the camp guide.

How can I contact my daughter during camp?

In your camp confirmation packet, you will receive the mailing address and information needed to contact your daughter during her stay at camp. We encourage you to write your daughter during camp, but remember it is often necessary to post mark mail prior to your daughters' departure to ensure she receives it in a timely manner.

Where can I find the camp address and directions?

In order to ensure safety for all campers and staff, this information is only provided in the confirmation packet that is for confirmed camper registrations. Please download a confirmation packet (Parent Guide) from this website or if you need to have one sent via US Mail please contact our registrar team

When can we register for camp?

Registration for all camps officially opens upon the mailing of the year's camp catalog, which usually occurs in the winter. Refer to the camp registration information section for further details.

What activities do you have?

Each camp offers unique and exciting activities from horseback riding to scuba diving, ropes courses, and more. Other camp favorites such as archery, arts and crafts, outdoor cooking, and teambuilding activities are also available. For details on the activities that each camp offers, refer to our summer camp page, which contains the most recent summer camp catalog.

Do campers get to choose their activities?

Campers first choice takes place when they register for their "unit" program. Each unit program offers specialized activities in which campers will participate. Additionally, campers will take part in "girl planning", which will give them an opportunity to pick some of the areas of focus or activities during their session.

Can I send my daughter to camp with food to share with her tent/unit mates?

No. Please do not send food with your daughter to share with her friends. Food in the units is prohibited as we want to avoid any unwanted animals. If your daughter has dietary restrictions, please contact the Director of Outdoor Program to discuss the options available.

Can I mail a care package with food in it?

Care packages are encouraged, but please NO FOOD. It attracts unwanted animals in the tent units.  Any food sent in the camper packages will be held in the camp office.