In today’s complex world, financial literacy skills are increasingly important, and girls know this. Most girls expect they will be able to provide for their families one day, according to Having It All: Girls and Financial Literacy, a study by the Girl Scout Research Institute. In fact, 94% of girls said they would rather make their own money than rely on their parents. Despite this desire to be financially independent, only 12% of girls said they feel “very confident” making financial decisions.

Girl Scouts of Western New York is proud to provide programming that helps girls develop vital financial literacy skills that will make them confident consumers today and for the rest of their lives. The five essential skills girls gain are:

  • Goal setting
  • Decision making
  • Money management
  • People skills
  • Business ethics

What’s most exciting about GSWNY’s financial literacy program is that the girls learn these skills by doing. In the fall months, they have the option to participate in the Magazines & Munchies program, selling nuts and candy to family, friends, and members of their community. During the winter/spring months, girls can engage in the Girl Scout cookie program to sell some of America’s favorite cookies.

Through these programs, girls are on their way to becoming champions of their own finances.