Wondering what a Twitter Party or Twitter Chat is? Basically, it is a fast and fun way to engage with fellow Twitter users from around the nation and the world on a certain topic. It's like a gathering that takes place virtually, on Twitter! A hashtag (or sometimes multiple hashtags) is used to help people join in the party.

To participate, you simply use the search function in Twitter or a third-party app to follow whatever the Twitter party's hashtag is at the designated day and time. Then, chime in when you have something to say, making sure to use the hashtag(s). It's that easy!

On February 25 at 9 p.m. EST, Girl Scouts of the USA and Mom it Forward are hosting a #cookieboss Twitter party. To join the fun, jump on Twitter and follow #cookieboss and #gno February 25 starting at 9!

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