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Girl Scouts Love the Outdoors

Summer = summertime fun! ☀ Celebrate your love of the outdoors today. Be it from a window, a campsite, the sidewalk, a laptop, or the wide-open trail, don’t miss out on your next limited-edition patch!

Calling all adventure seekers! 📣 💚 Girl Scouts and Hydro Flask have teamed up to create this year’s Girl Scouts Love the Outdoors Challenge! Pick your next set of outdoor adventures and unlock a new patch.

Sleeping under the stars. 🎒 🌌

Discovering the wildlife in your own backyard. 🔎🐛

What will you do first?

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Girl Scouts Love State Parks 2021

Every year, Girl Scouts explore the natural wonders found across our country during the Girl Scouts Love State Parks weekend. On September 11 and 12, Girl Scouts nationwide, along with their troops, friends, and family, will celebrate our shared love of the outdoors.