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Outdoor Champions


Looking for someone to assist you or your girls with planning or running a camping trip, outdoor program, or other activity/adventure?

Outdoor Champions are everywhere!

Don’t see an Outdoor Champion near you? Not a problem.
This crew of volunteers is willing to travel!
Request help from an Outdoor Champion today.


Why do they need to get outside?

  • Memory and attention span increase by 20% after only 1 hour in nature.
  • The number of children who play outside has decreased by more than 50% in the last thirty years.
  • Roughly 65% of today’s kids play outside less than once per week.
  • Girl Scout programs opened the door for 71% of girls to try an outdoor activity for the first time.
  • Nearly 50% of Girl Scouts in an outdoor program helped another girl to do an outdoor activity last year.

Monthly exposure, high adventure, and repeat camp attendance are key drivers of girls’ leadership development and satisfaction with their Girl Scout experience...

  • Flex leadership muscles with adventure trip planning or low-ropes teambuilding
  • Improve their health with backpacking or climbing
  • Practice cooperation or teamwork with shelter-building or fire-making
  • Increase their vision and awareness with archery or tracking
  • Strengthen their bodies with canoeing or kayaking


It’s very easy! We want anyone who has any interest at all (skilled or unskilled) in helping to get girls more access to outdoor adventures at any level to take our survey. Outdoor Champions can take on many forms – education and outreach to spread positive outdoor messaging, serving as an “outdoor mentor” for troops and even leading and guiding outdoor programs.  Enthusiastic and positive volunteers can take on any of these roles, regardless of your current level of experience.  I need you to join me on this project to get more girls outside.

3 tiers of outdoor skills/experience, which are you?:

1. Outdoor Enthusiast: encouraging members to get outdoors

2. Outdoor Mentor: available to lead or buddy with troops/volunteers for outdoor experiences

3. Outdoor Guide: trained by GSWNY – high level wilderness skills and instructional ability

Click the button to be a Champion!