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Camp Timbercrest

Enjoy Your Stay at Camp Timbercrest!

Camp Timbercrest is located on 900 acres of the Allegheny forest in Randolph, NY. Camp Timbercrest is equipped with two main lodges, yurts, hiking trails, a 31-acre lake, central dining hall and shower house. Camp Timbercrest is a great place to rent for events such as family reunions or corporate picnics.

Bellinger Lodge

This newly renovated lodge is the main lodge at Camp Timbercrest and is available for year round rental. It is fully equipped with modern bathrooms and showers, including handicap accessible facilities. Bellinger Lodge is equipped with a fireplace, making it a cozy place to be in the winter months. However, the dining hall is a separate fee. The kitchen includes a stove, oven, refrigerator and microwave that are available all year long. However, renters must bring their own food and supplies. The lodge sleeps 32 (mats only) and has a dining hall to accommodate large groups. Bellinger Lodge has a beautiful view of the lake and the surrounding wilderness and is available for rental from August to June.

Jackman Lodge

Jackman Lodge is one of the newly renovated main lodges. It is equipped with a full modern kitchen, huge closets, and electricity. There are two sleeping wings with 8 bunkbeds on each side, sleeping a total of 32. There is a porch area at the far side of both sleeping wings where campers have a scenic view of the lake. The lodge includes flush toilets, showers and handicap accessible facilities. Jackman Lodge is available for rental from August to June. Renters must bring their own supplies, common cooking utensils and food. 

See the bottom of the page for photos of Camp Timbercrest.


There are two identical yurts, which are platform-based round tents available for sleeping. There are 5 bunkbeds in each and they are heated in the winter. They are safe as there is electricity, a smoke alarm and an underground emergency exit. The yurts can be rented August to June, but renters must use lodge bathrooms. Jackman Lodge has to be included with rental.


Photos of Camp Timbercrest
Timbercrest Sign

Welcome to Timbercrest! We have a sign by the road so you know you've found the right place!

Timbercrest Ariel View 2

Rent Bellinger Lodge and wake up every morning to the breathtaking view of Keyser Lake.

Timbercrest Ariel View
Timbercrest Sleeping Area

Get comfy in the yurts for your overnight stay.

Timbercrest Sleeping Area 2

Prefer to sleep among the trees? Stay in the woods in one of our cabin-tents.