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Magazines & Munchies Program


What is the QSP Program?

QSP sponsors a Girl Scout money-earning program that promotes literacy through the sale of magazine subscriptions and books. 45% of the value of each order is retained by GSWNY and helps to subsidize Girl Scout programs as well as provide funding to troops. All orders are backed by a guarantee of service by QSP. Customers do not become part of a mailing list through QSP.

More than 1,000 magazines are offered, including dozens of children's magazines and more than 60 digital magazines. Some magazine subscriptions offer a free gift or a second year’s subscription for free. Books round out the vast array of choices.


What Is the Nut/Candy Program?

The sale of nuts and candy is a Girl Scout product sales program taking place in the fall that offers a wide range of delicious and attractively packaged nuts and candy at affordable prices.

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To make an e-payment for the Magazine and Munchies program, click here.

Magazines & Munchies Program Timeline

Starting Oct. 1

·Online program opens.

By Oct. 12

·Service Units train troops

Oct. 13 – Nov. 10

·Order Taking

By Nov. 12


Troop is locked out of UNIFY on Nov. 12 at midnight



· Girl Product & Reward Orders Due Troop

·Girl Payment Due Troop


·Troop Product & Reward Orders Due in UNIFY

·Troop Payment Due Council

By Nov. 13


SU is locked out UNIFY on Nov. 13 at midnight

Service Unit:

·Audit troop product & reward orders and troop payments

· Prepare GS Summary Report and takes to UPS location to send forms to GA National Account

·Email to council one copy of GS Summary Report and report any troop payment issue forms  

Nov. 14

·Council order is placed.

Dec. 1

· Product delivery to service units.

· Service Unit rewards are shipped UPS to service units and the ship date is to be determined. 

Dec. 7

· Last day for the troop to report product/recognition damages and shortages to SUPPM and SUPPM to council product program manager.