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Magazines & Munchies Program


What is the QSP Program?

QSP sponsors a Girl Scout money-earning program that promotes literacy through the sale of magazine subscriptions and books. 45% of the value of each order is retained by GSWNY and helps to subsidize Girl Scout programs as well as provide funding to troops. All orders are backed by a guarantee of service by QSP. Customers do not become part of a mailing list through QSP.

More than 1,000 magazines are offered, including dozens of children's magazines and more than 60 digital magazines. Some magazine subscriptions offer a free gift or a second year’s subscription for free. Books round out the vast array of choices.


What Is the Nut/Candy Program?

The sale of nuts and candy is a Girl Scout product sales program taking place in the fall that offers a wide range of delicious and attractively packaged nuts and candy at affordable prices.

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Magazines & Munchies Program Timeline

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