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ABC Smart Cookies

With the Digital Cookie® platform powered by the Smart Cookies, also available in mobile—Smart Cookies Mobile, the Girl Scout Cookie Program you know and love is now better than ever—giving you and your cookie customers more ways to participate. Now there’s more ways to sell, more ways to buy, and more ways to learn and have a ton of fun!

Customize the way you learn and earn, using technology in a whole new way with Digital Cookie, powered by Smart Cookies.

Smart Cookies is one of the MOST IMPORTANT tools in the Girl Scout Cookie Program. With the pandemic still a large focus and affecting the way consumers shop, it’s more important than ever to make sure your Girl Scout’s online presence is all set and ready to go.

There is a huge demand for Girl Scout cookies and our nationwide new cookie, Adventurefuls, is spotlighting our 2022 Cookie Program even more. It’s sure to be a big selling year and you’ll definitely want to make sure your Girl Scouts Smart Cookies Online account is used to its full potential. After all, it’s the easiest and safest way to sell cookies!

Smart Cookies is your online command center for your cookie business. Like last year, every girl can easily take credit card payments by using your Smart Cookies account. There’s no merchant account to set up, it’s all right there when you register in Smart Cookies!

Registering in Smart Cookies

Girls and their parent/guardian will receive an ABC Smart Cookies registration email from This email will contain details about participating in the online selling of cookies including a registration link for ABC Smart Cookies.  Girls will want to register in ABC Smart Cookies to prepare their online cookie site and be ready for the first day of the Cookie Program, January 9, 2021.

Helpful tip! Make a safe sender so you receive the registration and other emails sent through

Smart Cookies Functions
  • Allows customers to purchase cookies, pay online and have them shipped directly to their door
  • Allows you to accept credit card payments from any customer wishing to utilize this option
  • Set your goal of how many packages of cookies you want to sell this year
  • Make plans for how you will reach your goals
  • Check how you're doing along the way and see all the recognitions you’ve earned
  • Send e-Cards to your friends and family to tell them it's cookie time and ask for their support
  • Create QR codes, tiny URL’s and social media sales links to easily market your sale and get orders online
Smart Cookies Training and Resources
Girl Delivery Order Approval

Parents are required to approve any girl-delivery orders collected through their Girl Scout’s social media link. Girl delivery orders sent via ecard DO NOT require approval. You will receive e-mail notification of the sale, however no action is required by the parent. No notification is sent for direct delivery orders. Girls will need to check those orders under the "My Orders>ManageOrders" tab.

For girl delivery orders made via the social media link only:

  • The parent will receive an email when this type of order is received, if not, a new e-mail can be triggered by going to the “Manage My Orders” screen, finding the order in the table and scrolling over to the far-right to click the three stacked boxes to give you the option to do so.
  • In the email, there is a link where the parent can see the details of the order and click on an interactive map to show where the cookies need to be delivered.
  • Once the parent views the details of the order and sees where it is going, they can choose to approve or cancel the order.
  • Parent MUST click the "approve" button or the order will be cancelled .
  • If the order has been approved, the customer will receive an email letting them know the order will be delivered and the credit card is charged at that time.
Girl Delivered Cookie Orders: When will they show in my total sold in Smart Cookies?

As you help your Girl Scout reach her cookie goal, some of your orders may be marked for Girl Delivery if you enabled that choice in Smart Cookies. These online orders for girl delivery can be received in two ways. Each girl has a unique online store in Smart Cookies where she can:

  • Send emails (e-cards) directly to their customer’s email AND/OR
  • Obtain a social media link to share online or via text message

Each one of these options has different criteria for approval. However, ALL girl delivery orders must be given to the troop leader to ensure the cookies are ordered for your customers. These girl delivered orders will not show in her totals until entered into the Smart Cookies system by her troop leader.

Note: You can change the “Opt-in for Social Link Girl Delivery Order option”, at any time, by clicking the person icon, in the top-left of the page, and clicking “Edit Profile”. Scroll down to where you can select t-shirt/sock sizes and there will be a checkbox to click that will grant/deny access to use the girl deliver social media link going forward.

Once the selection has been made, click the “Save” button to confirm your changes.

Manage My Orders

Once orders are received from your sent e-cards, you will be able to view all activity by going to My Orders > Manage My Orders:

At the top of this page, you will see four boxes (see explanations below):

  • Total Packages Ordered – shows total amount of packages that have been ordered through ecards, regardless of them being Direct Ship or Girl Delivery (for a reminder of the difference between these two types, refer to page 10)
  • Total Direct Ship Ordered – shows total amount of packages that have been ordered online and paid for automatically by the customer
  • Total Girl Delivery Ordered – shows total amount of packages that have been ordered online and will need to be physically delivered by the girl to the customer
  • Action Needed – shows the number of orders needing action, such as girl delivery orders that need to be delivered and paid for
    • The table below these boxes shows the status of different types of orders; you can update their paid status (Yes/No), as well as, if the packages have been delivered or canceled (default is “Ordered”)
    • By clicking the three stacked boxes to the right of each order, you can view/edit/cancel (only for Girl Delivery orders) the order and update the contact’s information (if needed)

Note: Once the customer has paid, you can set the paid status to “Yes” and the delivery status to “Delivered” (the customer will receive a confirmation email as well). The system will save these automatically and update the “Action Needed” box appropriately.

There is also an option to take new Direct Ship and Girl Delivery orders from this page, instead of navigating through the menu ribbon to select the options. Whichever is selected, the system will redirect to the appropriate pages:

Credit Card Processing

Tip: If customers have an issue getting credit cards to process, have them try the following:

  • Order experience: When they reached the credit card entry page, are the customers auto-filling the credit card information with stored information?
  • If yes, the orders may not process – they were either timed out, denied etc…
  • Next Steps: clear the cache on the phone and try to place another order without using their stored credit card information…. manually enter the credit card data.