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The Fall Magazines & Munchies Program

Everyone knows Girl Scouts sell cookies in the spring, but our Fall Magazines & Munchies Program is equally as important for our girls because it helps them to earn money for their fall activities and community service projects.

In addition to nut and candy products, the Magazines & Munchies Program allows you to give or receive subscriptions to print and digital magazines and donate items to the military share service project!

The Girl Scout Fall Magazines & Munchies Program allows girls to learn key business skills that will be helpful in their future and provide their troop and the council support funding for Girl Scout programs.

New this year:

  • Even more gluten-free and dairy-free selections.
  • Online Sales: Choose from 30 varieties of tasty treats that make perfect gifts or holiday party treats.
  • Delicious new products: Dill Pickle Peanuts and Salt and Pepper Cashews
  • Fun new recognitions.

These new options will help promote this program for our girls, while becoming a fun-filled learning experience for everyone involved. Your guidance and support is vital to the success of your Girl Scouts. Thank you for your support!

See how we're creating Financially Empowered Leaders: Financial Empowerment Booklet.

To help adults in the Girl Scout community—council staff, volunteers, and parents— understand the 5 Skills that girls learn by doing the cookie sale and spread the word to more adults. Five Skills for Girls Toolkit

Girl Scout Research Institute conducted a nationwide survey with over 1,000 girls ages 8−17 and their parents in an effort to better understand girls’ financial literacy and their confidence about, attitudes towards, and experiences with money. Read it here: Having it all, a report from the Girl Scouts Research Institute.