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Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE) Volunteer Training

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Sat Jan 13, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Lockport Service Center
Adult Fee:

Join the Girl Experience Team to learn about the 3 keys and processes to the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Both new and experienced leaders will benefit from this training. Learn how you can ensure girls are able to discover, connect and Take Action with all you do this Scout year. What does Girl-Led, Learning by Doing, and Cooperative learning mean, and how can you implement these for your girls?

You will also learn about the Volunteer Tool Kit (VTK), and how you can use the VTK to plan your scout year. The Volunteer Toolkit is a digital planning tool that gives you resources and program content to get your year started—and keep it going smoothly! Fully customizable, the toolkit is digitally responsive so you can plan and prepare practically anywhere. The VTK also allows you to plan for more outdoor activities with your girls. Best of all VTK is where ALL of the new STEM and outdoor program content is available. 

The last part of this training will focus on progression in Girl Scouts. How can you ensure that there is progression in all things you do from the National Program to outdoor and Travel? Using these skills will lead to true leadership skills for your girls!

All sessions: Cost: Free ☙ Minimum/Maximum: 5/30