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Ace Adventurer II

Sat Sep 07, 10:00 AM - Sun Sep 08, 10:00 AM EST
Camp Seven Hills Lakeside Map
Juniors, Cadettes

Are you prepared for the challenge of an overnight in a tent at Girl Scout camp? This program will get you there! Girls will learn to cook over ultralight stoves and clean their dishes without soap, try their hand at starting a fire without using matches, advance their compass skills to take a bearing with a map, learn to use hatchets, and increase their health and safety knowledge, including learning how to purify water. Along with Leave No Trace principles, each station will include discussion of the dynamics of distributing and carrying gear for groups.

Girls will need to bring a bag lunch. Girls will stay overnight in Empire Lodge. Junior girls will earn their Camper badge. Cadettes who want to camp in a tent will earn the Primitive Camper badge. Tents will be provided upon request. Some equipment may also be available for rent from Council.

Active participation in this program by adults fulfills the SAC camping training requirement.