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Albert’s Super Kitchen™: Thanksgiving Without the Turkey!

Sat Nov 16, 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM EST
Asha's Sanctuary
Ambassador, Cadettes, Senior

Due to the nature of the sanctuary and the health and safety of the animals, outside food and beverages are strictly prohibited. All programs cost $25 per girl and $25 per adult and have a max of 24 girls and 12 adults unless otherwise stated. All programs include a guided tour where you’ll learn about common practices in animal agriculture, and get up close and personal with a farmed animal. You’ll also learn how we can make a huge impact for animals just by our food choices. All programs also include an Asha fun patch and a healthy meal. Asha’s Sanctuary is a vegan organization and girls will learn the advantages of a vegan lifestyle. Subject matter at some grade levels can be heavy or shocking if girls ask about the treatment of animals during normal agriculture practices. The sanctuary director would be happy to answer questions prior to your program. Girls will get a snapshot of what it is like to be living a vegan lifestyle.

In this fun one-day camp, girls get to meet Albert the Super Cow and his barnyard friends and hear all about their rescue stories.  Learn about common practices in animal agriculture and how we can make a huge impact for animals just by our food choices.  Girls will participate in Albert's interactive cooking class and have fun making easy, delicious, and healthy recipes without meat, dairy and eggs.  Afterward, delight in the food you made and feel good about all you've learned to help animals.