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Camp Stoves and Water Filtration for Beginners with REI

Sat Mar 23, 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
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Adults, Ambassador, Cadettes, Senior

This is a beginner clinic offered by the experts at REI in partnership with GSWNY.  Have you ever wanted to plan a camping or backpacking trip and have questions about what type of cook system to use?  What is the difference between a liquid fuel stove versus a canister stove?  What is the best method for cleaning water?  In this hands-on course, you will sample the most advanced camp stoves and water filtration tools.  The REI Outdoor School Instructor will show you how to select, use and maintain many different types of stoves, water filters and water purifiers.  You will leave this class knowing which equipment is right for you and how best to use the tools you already have.  Fire up a Jet Boil or Whisperlite stove and discover how they are designed to be used and maintained.  Learn how to filter and then purify water through a vairety of methods.  This is the class to take before any outdoor adventure!