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Outdoor Photography with Smartphones (Hosted by L.L. Bean)

Sat Apr 06, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Mary Frances Bluebird Haven Map
Ambassador, Cadettes, Senior

This is an in-field tutorial offered by L.L. Bean in partnership with GSWNY. Life is full of amazing moments that we hope to never forget or wish we could share-a beautiful sunset, the brilliant feathers of a bird, a dew-covered flower, or maybe even the intense gaze of a coyote. Most of us don’t own expensive cameras but, today the best camera to use is likely the one that you always have on you-your phone!  Your phone is smart, but you still need to be smarter to take good pictures. Work with L.L. Bean’s expert staff to capture the best images with smartphone technologiy, and learn how to more effectively share the stories of your life in the 1.5 hour outdoor program.  Don’t forget to bring your phone and (if you have it) your operating manual.