Virtual Meet-Up for PreK Girls
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Virtual Meet-Up for PreK Girls

Fri Jun 26, 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM
Girl Fee:

At a time when so many things your girl was looking forward to with friends, family and school are cancelled, the Girl Scout experience is still here for her. Girl Scouts is not cancelled! Your pre-k girl is invited to join an upcoming Virtual Meet-up with the Girl Scouts of Western New York.

Our Meet-ups are free month-long interactive programs offering all girls a taste of the Girl Scout experience. Girls will meet new friends, tap into their creativity, and discover how to take the lead in her own life and the world.

You are welcome to join as many free meetings as you’d like. Below is the meeting schedule, activity, and supplies needed for each meet-up. Each activity helps the girls learn more about our promise and law and work toward Daisy Petals, which are the special patches for our youngest Girl Scouts.

June 12 – Friendly and Helpful Petal

Being helpful adds more kindness in the world. The girls will do a fun activity where I will read a story and they will respond by with physical movements.

Supplies: Paper, scissors, markers

June 19 – Considerate and Caring Petal

Girls will act out feelings for others to guess and make a flower for someone they care about. We will talk about what it means to be considerate, and how we care for others.

Supplies: Cupcake liner, sequins, glue, 1 popsicle stick

June 26 – Make the World a Better Place

We will talk about the two things that make the world a better, kindness and keeping the world clean. We will learn and sing an earth song and then make Global Reminder Plates.

Supplies: Black markers

July 3 – Honest and Fair Petal

Girls will hear the story “The Empty Pot” by Demi, and play Girl Scout Says (like Simon Says). We will talk about what it looks like to be honest and fair. If there is extra time, we can play a round of Truth/Lie. Where the leader says and line and the girls give a thumbs up or down to say if it it’s true or not.

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Questions? Email or call 1-888-837-6410.