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Appreciating You: A Day to Recharge + Renew - For Adults & Volunteers

Sat May 15, 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Girl Fee:

Volunteers and adult members have asked for mental health programs and we’ve answered! GSWNY is proud to work with our sponsors The Thinkers and the Girl Scouts NY State Training Cohort to bring this exciting program to our council! 

Vetted facilitators from Google, NASA, Emmy Award Winners, New York University, and Georgetown University will deliver 3 sessions to participants. 


Session Name: Beat Burn-Out When Caretaking & Supporting Others

You're probably working hard every. Single. Day. Day in and day out - someone and/or something demands your attention. Sometimes you might even get caught up in tasks and caretaking without realizing you haven't had time to take care of yourself.

  • In this session we are going to talk about two areas: Burn-out and caretaking. 

  • Burn-out:

  • Discuss and reflect on the different stages of burn-out

  • Methods to prevent and manage burn-out

  • Ways you can become aware of each stage as burn-out is happening to you.

  • Caretaking:

  • Discuss daily practices to cultivate for yourself as you support others.

  • This session includes reflective exercises, small group interactions, and action packed resources.


Session Name: Supporting Youth Through Mental Health Challenges

There are many factors that can contribute to mental health challenges in youth. As an adult in a youth's life, many of these might feel or even be out of your control. In this session, we'll:

  • Share ways to create safety zones when supporting youth and the ways in which you can structure difficult conversations

  • Discuss how you can:

  • Create boundaries

  • When to know if a youth needs to seek out professional support and how to make that happen.

  • This session will guide you through various scenarios, include small group discussions, and leave you with resources to bring into your work with youth.


Session Name: Building Strong Bonds with Youth: How to build positive relationships and cultivate positive attention with youth

  • What is positive attention and what are the key ingredients to cultivating it with youth?

  • In this session we will:

  • Discuss positive attention

  • Methods to creating positive bonds between adults and youth as well as between youth themselves.

  • This will be a reflective session where participants will:

  • Learn new practices

  • Have the opportunity to exchange what has and has not worked for them in discussion groups.