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Outdoor Annual Events

You are invited to attend Girl Scouts of Western New York’s Outdoor Annual Events! We invite you to celebrate and enjoy the great outdoors at one or more of these exciting events. 

 51st Annual Skills and Chills 

October 3rd or 4th, 2020
Virtual + Camp Seven Hills Goodyear: 10150 Olean Road (Rt 16), Holland, NY 14080

This event is over. Thank you to everyone who participated!

What is Skills & Chills?

It's a long-standing annual tradition in our council that's been going on for OVER 50 YEARS for girls Cadettes and older (6th-12th grade).

The general concept is that girls/troops work/compete in teams. Each team divides up the activities among themselves to get really good at it, then at the event they compete for prizes (quickest time, competency, teamwork, etc). Of course, all the girls should learn all of the skills, but typically a pair will focus on mastering a skill for the sake of the competition. Points get awarded based on what each event requires (for example, jack knife has a VERY strong focus on knife safety, whereas tent pitching might focus more on speed and communication between teammates.)

Some girls are extremely new to the skills, too, or can't practice at home. Participation is still 100% encouraged and the judges will help to teach and assist girls who need it.

Although it's competitive, the biggest point of the day is for girls to get some in-depth, hands-on practice, while also learning more about communicating with each other as a team and having fun. Because the event is so fun-focused, sometimes event other competitors will help and cheer on opposing teams or give instructions/suggestions to them.

Another fun facet of the day is that teams will pick a theme for themselves and dress up in costumes. We've have groups of girls come as Harry Potter characters, varieties of fruits, ingredients for s'mores, Sesame Street characters, playing cards. We've seen literally probably hundreds of ideas over the years.

Hopefully that gives you a basic understanding, but if you have more questions please contact Customer Care at or 1-888-837-6410.

Girl Scouts Love Sate Parks Weekend │ Save The Date

Septmber 12 & 13, 2020 

July 13 & 14, 2019 marked the first-ever Girl Scouts Love State Parks event. Girl Scouts of Western New York joined thousands of girls in hundreds of state parks across the United States to find adventure, explore nature, and learn what Girl Scouts is all about. Nearly 400 girls and their families ventured out to New York State Parks at our local council sponsored event held at Letchworth, Allegany, Buffalo Harbor, and Beaver Island State Parks.

We invite you to SAVE THE DATE and come revel in all the wonder of the great outdoors and get inspired with your girls at the 2nd Annual Girl Scouts Love State Parks event on September 12 & 13, 2020! Check back for more information.