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Family Resources

There are so many ways girls and families can participate in Girl Scouts. Whether your girl is part of a troop and looking for more activities or wanting to earn badges and get outdoors on her own, this page brings together all of the resources you need to participate in Girl Scouts together as a family. 


As a Girl Scout Juliette, girls get to experience all the fun and amazing things Girl Scouts do but on your own schedule.

With the guidance from a caregiver or other advisor you choose, girls can earn badges, Highest Awards, sell cookies, attend cool events and activities, travel with other Girl Scout groups and experience the outdoors at camp.

You choose your next adventure and the fun continues!

View Juliette PDF guide here.


Family Connections

Get the most out of your family’s Girl Scout year with our Family Connections resource here.


Find a Troop

Looking to participate in a troop experience? We can help you find and join a troop near you here.


Badge in a Box

Introducing our GSWNY Badge-in-a-Box!

We’ve found a new way to bring Girl Scouting home.

If circumstances make it difficult for a girl’s troop to meet in person, if she is a Juliette Girl Scout, or if you simply want to have some additional Girl Scout fun and learning experiences as a family, the new Badge in a Box program might be a good fit for your family.

For $10 to $15 you can purchase a Badge in a Box designed to make Girl Scouting at home stress-free, the Badge in a Box includes the supplies needed to complete a badge at home, an easy to follow activity guide, and the badge itself!

2020 Badge in a Box examples

Available for $15 per box:

  • Daisy Outdoor Art Maker: Have fun outdoors and become a nature artist with three different activities!
  • Brownie Senses: Use your 5 senses to go on a scavenger hunt, take a taste test, create Braille, and use sign language!
  • Junior Independence: Want to become more independent? Learn basic sewing skills, make a Good Habits board, and more!
  • Cadette Special Agent: Become a Special Agent and learn how to analyze “blood splatter”, interview an eyewitness, read body language, and measure bones!

Available for $10 per box:

  • Democracy (all Girl Scout levels): Learn about how government works through games and activities. Also be part of the Girl Scouts national service project Promote the Vote and receive a fun patch. (Photo coming soon.)
  • Senior Space Science Expert: Become a Space Scientist and discover “shifting stars”, compare your eyes to telescopes, and scrapbook the lives of stars! 
  • Ambassador Programming Robots: Do you want to build a robot? Have fun learning how robots work and how to control them and make your own robot that creates art! 

NOTE: Grant funds available for some areas of our Council reducing the cost of boxes down to $5.00. If there is not a grant available in your area, members can apply for Council Opportunity Funds

The boxes will be available for curbside pick-up at the Buffalo, Rochester, Lockport, and Jamestown Service Centers. Click here to order your Badge in a Box.

There are a limited number of boxes available and will be for curbside pick-up only.

Questions? Call toll-free 1-888-837-6410 or email.


Local Virtual and In-Person Events

Check out great Council-sponsored programs. Keep checking back, we’ll constantly update this page with the latest in-person and virtual events!


Family Cookie Info

Girls can participate in the largest girl-led entrepreneurial program in the world with their families! Learn more here.


Getting Outdoors

Interested in getting outdoors? Check out our Property Rentals! Your troop and family are welcome to visit our beautiful camps for unforgettable outdoor experiences. We’ve also put together this list of ideas for your Troop or Family to enjoy the outdoors safely. All girls and troops must follow GSWNY COVID guidelines during these activities.

Family Property Rentals

For a limited time, we are opening our property rentals to private households at the Girl Scout rate.  COVID-19 guidelines have affected the number of girls and troops who have been able to rent our properties, and we want to ensure that girls still have the opportunity to get outside and enjoy our properties with their families. Here are some FAQs for families about renting our properties. 

How do I make a reservation? Go to our Camp Property Rental page to find available accommodations and reserve your space. Be sure to choose the Girl Scout rates. 

What is a private household? Private households encompass anyone who you regularly live with. Groups cannot exceed 10 people and should not mix multiple households. 

Who can attend? Each private household must include at least one registered Girl Scout. 

What are the accommodations like? Each of our heated buildings includes a kitchen space and beds with mattresses. Families will need to bring food, cookware and bedding. 

What about insurance? Anyone who is not a registered Girl Scout will need non Girl Scout insurance. After booking your space, our Customer Care team will work with you to purchase the insurance. The minimum fee is $5. 

Where can we go? Family Property Rentals are available at all four of our camp properties. We’re currently taking these specific reservations until May 1st, 2021. 

What are the COVID-19 guidelines? Private households do not have to wear masks while in their reserved cabin. However, we do ask that you wear masks while out on the trail, in case you run into others. All accommodations include hand sanitizer and cleaners. In addition to leaving the space clean, we require that all groups sanitize surfaces upon departure. 

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Care team at 1-888-837-6410. 

Self-Led Outdoor Activities

Troop and Family Self-Led Outdoor Activities

Due to the pandemic, we’ve had to modify and scale back many of our in-person Outdoor Events and Programs. So we’ve put together this list of ideas for your Troop or Family to enjoy the outdoors safely. All girls and troops must follow GSWNY COVID guidelines during these activities.

View and Download the Self-Led Outdoor Activities Guide

Staying Safe Online

Nothing is more important than ensuring the health and safety of girls, whether they’re engaged in a real-world activity or exploring online. Instilling in girls an understanding of the best ways to stay safe in today’s complicated world is a top priority for us.

Before getting started, here's a quick word from Girl Scout Kayla, sharing best practices for Girl Scouting online. Also, for Girl Scout activities that involve the Internet, be sure to consult this Online Safety Guide and Virtual Meeting Safety Tips Sheet. Then have your girl sign the Girl Scout Online Safety Pledge.

Safety standards and guidelines for Girl Scouts of the United States of America (GSUSA) approved activities. 

Safety Activity Checkpoints

The Volunteer Toolkit is for Parents

The Volunteer Toolkit is a digital planning tool that gives volunteers resources and program content to get the year started—and keep it going smoothly! Fully customizable, the toolkit is digitally responsive so volunteers can plan and prepare practically anywhere.


GSUSA Girl Scouting at Home

Below you will find info on how girls and families can participate in Girl Scouts from our national organization. Here you’ll find resources, activities, national programs and events, and more here


Uniform Guide

View the guide here


Answering Kids’ Coronavirus Questions - Podcast


GSWNY COVID-19 Guidelines