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You're Invited to Join Girl Scouts! 

Whether your girl is a dreamer, comedian, explorer, or something uniquely her own, she’s welcome at Girl Scouts! You and your girl are both invited to join us to meet other girls in her grade, try out some fun activities, and get answers to any questions you may have. 

For questions, contact Customer Care here or call 1.888.837.6410. Learn more about financial aid and FAQs on our How to Join page

Upcoming Registration Events

Grow Your Girl Crew Member Campaign

Referral form for members:

Now more than ever, you need friends to share and create memories with, through in-person and virtual events. We challenge YOU to get out there and Grow Your Girl Crew because what’s better than making new friends?

Invite your friends, classmates, teammates, club mates, and every girl in between to join Girl Scouts from October 22, 2020, through January 31, 2021. And you know the cool part? Not only can they get to be a part of the Girl Scouting fun, there are prizes for you, too! (keep scrolling to see what they are!)

Follow these three steps:

  1. Invite girls you know in Western New York to join Girl Scouts! (we know you may have friends and family around the country, but this is all about building your local crew)
  2. Fill out this form to tell us who you invited to join.
  3. Win prizes when they join Girl Scouts! (prizes pictured below)

It’s that simple – tell your other girls about Girl Scouts, let us know who you invited, and then when they join, you get prizes? What are they, exactly? Keep reading!

We have three tiers of prizes you can win, as well as prizes for the two girls who have the most new girls join!

Tier 1: Refer one girl who joins

Receive a Grow Your Girl Crew patch and 2021 trefoil charm for the patch

Tier 2: Refer three girls who join

Receive a Grow Your Girl Crew patch, 2021 trefoil charm, heart charm, and your choice of a large bow OR bucket hat

Tier 3: Refer five girls who join

Receive a Grow Your Girl Crew patch, 2021 trefoil charm, heart charm, rainbow charm, your choice of a large bow OR bucket hat, and a GSWNY crewneck sweatshirt

BONUS: The top 2 girls who refer and have the most girls join will win their choice of Air Pods or a $100 gift card

Adults, we have a prize for you, too! Refer one person who joins as an adult volunteer and you’ll receive a GSWNY crewneck sweatshirt and they’ll get a GSWNY mask. Fill out the same form for girls to enter today.

Reminder: All girls and adults must join Girl Scouts in Western New York in order for you to qualify for the prizes.

You can enter up to five names at a time using the form. If you invite more friends, simply fill out the form again. Have you told someone to register for Girl Scouts? We will check the names regularly to see if they have joined, and if they do, you qualify for great prizes!

Questions? Reach out to us any time at 1-888-837-6410 or

Member Prizes

This patch with the trefoil charm will be sent to all girls who have at least one friend they invite join Girl Scouts! The heart charm will be sent in addition to the patch and trefoil if you invite three people who join, and the rainbow charm will be sent with the other two charms and patch if you invite five girls who join. 

If you invite three girls and the join Girl Scouts, you have your choice of a GSWNY bucket hat or a large bow.


If five girls you invite join Girl Scouts, you get a GSWNY crewneck. Adults, you receive a crewneck if someone you invite registers as an adult volunteer. 

The top 2 (two) girls who invite the most friends who join will either win a pair of Air Pods or $100 gift card (their choice).

What will you learn?

This program is more than just growing your girl crew—it also benefits you! Here are some of the skills you’ll pick up by participating. 

  • Goal setting: Seeing a girl decides she wants to strive for something and then attaining on her own is huge for self-confidence 
  • Life Skills: Forming and maintaining health relationship is a huge part of our pillars at Girl Scouts. Healthy relationships are a formidable part of life and throughout this program, girls will learn the value in building relationship by inviting new members into Girl Scouts. 
  • Networking: Using the same Life Skills pillar, welcoming new girls into their troop will present an opportunity to network and learn about other girls in their community. 

Contest Rules

  • To qualify, you must be a current member of Girl Scouts of Western New York. Non-renewed members can participate after they renew their membership. If you’re not a member, you can join today and participate in the program. 
  • All girls and adults must join Girl Scouts in Western New York in order for you to qualify for the prizes.
  • Referral form must be completed to be considered for prizes.
  • When completing the form, please spell the names of the girls and adults you are referring correctly. We cannot guarantee matches between referrals and joined members due to spelling errors or mismatched names. 
  • New Girl Scouts you invite must join between October 22, 2020, and January 31, 2021. 
  • Prizes will be sent out sometime in February after the contest ends.
  • The images pictured for the prizes are examples. Actual prize may vary slightly in design.
Give the Gift of Girl Scouts

Holiday shopping just became easier with a unique offer from Girl Scouts of Western New York.

GSWNY is offering an annual Girl Scout membership with four additional gifts for your girl to unwrap. Girl Scout membership will give your girl small gifts all year long as she builds confidence, tries new things, goes new places, and makes new friends. Did we mention the 2,500 annual college tuition points?

Order online at and get your order at a Service Center* through Curbside Pick-up.

Girl Scouts Holiday Gift Set Includes:

  • 2020-2021 Girl Scout membership
  • Personalized membership certificate
  • 3-D 18” Create Your Own Llama Puzzle with markers
  • Fancy Hair Bow
  • Girl Scout goodie bag
  • All for $25!

Pick up at one of our Service Centers.* All orders must be picked up by Wednesday, December 16, at noon.

  1. Buffalo Service Center
  2. Jamestown Service Center
  3. Lockport Service Center
  4. Rochester Service Unit

*Hours and addresses listed on or you can contact Customer Care with questions at 1-888-837-6410 or

Community Holiday Scavenger Hunt

All new girls who register from 11/16/2020-12/09/2020 will receive an exclusive Holiday Scavenger Hunt activity sheet! Upon completion, girls will receive a patch and be entered to win one of two (2) $25 gift cards!

Virtual Troops

What’s the benefit of a virtual troop? Make new friends from all over Western New York! Troops are a group of girls who have fun together, learn important life skills like money management and team work, and keep the creativity flowing! 

Attend one or more of the below troop meetings for your girl’s age. Do what works for you!

Daisy Girl Scout (girls in Kindergarten or 1st grade)

  • Troop 63455-VS | Tuesdays 4-5pm
  • Troop 60655-VS | Tuesdays 6-7pm

Brownie Girl Scout (girls going into 2nd or 3rd grade)

  • Troop 60521-VS | Thursdays 4-5pm
  • Troop 34475-VS | Thursdays 6-7pm

Junior Girl Scout (girls going into 4th or 5th grade)

  • Troop 31342-VS | Mondays 4-5pm
  • Troop 30558-VS | Mondays 6-7pm

To register, join Girl Scouts today!. When you get to the troop screen, use the troop numbers listed above with the right level.

Virtual Open Houses

Spend 30 minutes with us when we can talk about why Girl Scouts for your girl, what we have to offer girls both in-person and online in the area, answer your questions about Girl Scouting, and help you register on the spot. We have many dates and times for your convenience. 

Register here:  

Dates and Times:

  • Nov. 23 | 12 p.m.
  • Nov. 23 | 3 p.m.
  • Nov. 23 | 5:30 p.m.
  • Dec. 5 | 2 p.m.
  • Dec. 7 | 12 p.m.
  • Dec. 7 | 3 p.m.
  • Dec. 7 | 5:30 p.m.
  • Dec. 12 | 2 p.m.
  • Dec. 14 | 12 p.m.
  • Dec. 14 | 3 p.m.
  • Dec. 14 | 5:30 p.m.
  • Dec. 19 | 2 p.m.
  • Dec. 19 | 2 p.m.
  • Dec. 21 | 3 p.m.
  • Dec. 21 | 5:30 p.m.

You’re invited to watch our Facebook Live Events on November 10 and 17 at  noon and November 24 at 6 p.m. and find out what Girl Scouts is all about! You’ll learn more about Girl Scouts, how to join, meet our awesome staff, and sign up same day!

Pajama Parties

Join a super fun group of friends where we will play a cup game to music, create a craft from things at home, share your pet or favorite stuffed animal for Cutest Pet contest, and vote on a song to dance to. All girls who attend will receive a Pajama Party patch!

Friday, December 4 | 6:30 - 8 p.m.


We're holding a Saturday morning virtual Pajama Party on Saturday, November 21! Register using the same link above.


Join Girl Scouts and be a part of meeting our very own adopted cow at local Dutch Hollow Farm! We’ll name our cow, watch her grow and change, learn about how she spends her day, and see farm life up close!

In this series, girls will take virtual farm tours; send letters and pictures to the farm; meet the cow’s farm family; get hands-on and creative; enter national contests; and have monthly takeaways, challenges, and activities!

Adopt-A-Cow series topics will include:

  • Life on the Farm
  • Diets, Habits, & Roles of cows & farm animals
  • Working with animals in 4-H & county fairs
  • Pet care
  • Careers with animals and agriculture

Meetings are monthly from 6:00-7:00PM

  • November 19—kickoff and welcome
  • December 17
  • January 21
  • February 18
  • March 18
  • April 15

Register for Adopt-a-Cow:

Every girl will receive this cow patch mailed to their home after they register for the Adopt-a-Cow Series.

Girl Scout Daisy, Brownie, & Junior badges can be earned through this series when you join GSWNY as a Girl Scout. Details will be provided once series begins.

Teach Me How to Tik Tok

Learn the newest dances from our own Tik Tok professional. Have fun and dance the night away with Girl Scouts!


Upcoming Dates:

  • Tuesday, December 1 | 6 p.m.
  • Saturday, December 5 | 3:30 p.m.
  • Saturday, December 12 | 3:30 p.m.
Holiday Countdown Series

Wednesday December 2, 9, and 16 | 6 p.m.

Countdown the holiday season with girl scouts this year! Each week will have a theme and list of supplies required to run event. We will send list of supplies once you register so you can be prepared. Last 5 minutes will be spent talking to parents about registration.

Week 1: Cocoa Bombs: You’re The Bomb!
Join us for a bomb hot chocolateparty. Register for this event and learn how to make your own custom hot cocoabomb while doing other cool activities, then let’s sip our hot chocolate withnew friends.

Week 2: Craft & Trivia

Week 3: What are we grateful for or holiday wish list/ holiday dance party 


Girl Scout Girl Boss

Wednesday, December 2 | 6 p.m.

Girl Scouts believe all girls should be able to envision a future where they are financially independent and empowered. Along with Outdoors, STEM and Life Skills, Entrepreneurship is one of the four program pillars of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.

Join us and talk to Girl Scout Cadette Kenedee, Owner of K-Shine LLC, and her mother, Girl Scout Volunteer Candace, and learn how through the Girl Scout program, Kenedee got a taste of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in the world’s largest girl-led business, and starting her own business using the five Girl Scout cookie program skills that helped her build herself up to be a young business leader.

Register Today:

  • Zoom link will be sent after registration 
  • Materials needed: paper & pencil or markers
Cocoa Bomb Blast

Thursday, December 3, 10, and 17 | 6 p.m.

Join us for a bomb hot chocolate party. Register for this event and learn how to make your own custom hot cocoa bomb while doing other cool activities, then let’s sip our hot chocolate with new friends!


For this event you will need the following supplies:

  • Mold for cocoa bombs (here is one on Amazon)
  • Microwavable chocolate for melting
  • Hot cocoa mix
  • Marshmallows
  • Optional materials for inside (sprinkles, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, etc)

Girls will need access to a microwave and freezer. Adult supervision may be necessary for younger girls. 

Teddy Bear & Me Tuesdays

Tuesdays in December: December 8, 15, and 22 | 5:30 p.m.

Get cozy with Girl Scouts!  The first 20 girls to register for the Teddy Bear and Me event get a free Build a Bear to stuff at the store later at your convenience, and a gift card to Build a Bear too! We will read a story about a bear together and do a fun activity.  Feel free to wear your pjs and bring a favorite stuffy too.  


Fireside with Santa

  • Friday, December 11 | 6 p.m.
  • Sunday, December 13 | 2 p.m.
  • Friday, December 18 | 6 p.m.

Join the Girl Scouts of Western NY for fireside fun and photo opportunity with the big guy himself—SANTA!

Wear your pajamas or something fancy for your picture with Santa that night! This is a free event for non-Girl Scouts in any grade k-12. We will:

  • Hear a holiday story told by Santa
  • Sing holiday songs
  • Create a gift to give
  • Celebrate the first night of Hanukkah on the 11th
  • Share a wish with Santa
  • Have an individual photo opportunity for your girl & Santa during the event.

Any girl who joins GSWNY as a brand new Girl Scout from this event will receive a special VIP holiday gift from Santa!


Registration is required. Email with any questions. All girls who register for Fireside with Santa will receive a holiday card mailed to their home from Santa.

You want a brighter, happier tomorrow for your girl.
That’s exactly what we want, too. Start your adventure today!

Looking for more events? Check out the calendar below for upcoming registration events.