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grow your girl crew

Your friends are the best and you want to spend more time with them, right? 

What about having them join Girl Scouts? You can go to troop meetings, attend camp, or go to exciting events together!

Invite your friends, classmates, teammates, club mates, and every girl in between to join Girl Scouts from November 1, 2021, through February 28, 2022. They get to be a part of the Girl Scouting fun and there are prizes for you, too! 

How it works

TELL US: Tell us that you’d like to join the contest. We’ll send you a Welcome Kit.

SHARE: Spread the word about Girl Scouts and make sure your friend says that you were the one who told them! Send them this form to fill out.

FLEX: Win prizes when your friends sign up to become a Girl Scout! 

Get your FREE Welcome Kit

Start the contest right by getting a FREE Welcome Kit mailed to your home! 

Included in the kit is:

  • Bracelets for friends
  • Postcard with directions
  • Girl Scout swag and goodies
Full Kit

Simply fill out this form to receive yours today!

What you can win

Earn 7 different rewards when girls you refer join Girl Scouts of Western New York (GSWNY) and give us your name.

Patch with Charms Transparent

When 1 girl joins, you earn the Grow Your Girl Crew Patch with Green Trefoil Charm

Incentives - Resized3

When 3 girls join, you earn a Bucket Hat OR Hair Bow, PLUS the Heart Charm

Incentives - Resized2
blue sweatshirt girl with purple hair

When 5 girls join, you earn a Girl Scout Crewneck, PLUS the Rainbow Charm 

Volunteers! If you refer any adult who joins GSWNY in any volunteer role, you earn this crewneck sweatshirt, too! When you refer new volunteers, send them this form to complete.

What will you learn?

While this program is a fun way to get friends involved, it's also a way for her to expand her horizons and follow her ambitions.

  1. Be a Goal Getter! She can start by choosing one of the reward goals and can feel confident each time she hits a prize level. She earned it!
  2. Build Bonds! This is a great way to strengthen the friendships she has and to invite new girls into her circle. Has she noticed a girl who is shy or maybe there's a new girl at school? This is a perfect chance to make her feel welcome.
  3. Connect! Besides finding clever ways to engage friends in the community, she can take it a step further. If she hits her desired goal, she can help a friend participating in this challenge and refer others to her. Or she can help you earn your prize by talking about her Girl Scout experiences with other adults!

The Fine Print (aka contest rules)

  1. The referred friend must provide your full first and last name. Please make sure they spell your name correctly, otherwise we may have trouble confirming your prizes.
  2. Lapsed members do not qualify for this program. 
  3. New members must join between November 1, 2021, and February 28, 2022. Girls who joined prior to November and after February do not qualify you for prizes. 
  4. New members will be placed in troops based on troop availability. Girls you refer may not be placed in your troop (your troop needs to have room for new members for that to happen).
  5. Once notified, all prizes must be retrieved within 90 days or will be considered forfeiture by the winner and returned to GSWNY.