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Make New Friends

Your girl’s dreams are our dreams, and we have fun making them come true together—whether she’s into climbing a tree, painting a mural, or making a robot.

When she’s a Girl Scout, doing her best is always good enough and there are no wrong answers or ideas. Ready to get started? Join today!

Play. Grow. Explore.

The Girl Scout program can start early for Pre-K girls who are registered from April to September before entering Kindergarten in the Fall. Pre-K girls are welcome to attend some or all of the following events!

Attendees will learn about Girl Scouts during each session and are encouraged to join as a member. Check back for new events and opportunities!


Six-month series for girls k-6th to virtually ‘adopt’ a real farm in our area. We will learn about different types of farms, take virtual farm tours & meet the farm family, do fun activities, and even have a chance to visit the farm in person with other Girl Scouts. Each month there will be a drawing for a fun prize for anyone who has completed their registration. 


Unicorns, Rainbows, and Ponies

Show everyone your rainbows, unicorns, & ponies! Let’s discover stories, science, and games about our favorite things! Girls will make rainbow rain, play games and have a scavenger hunt, and make unicorn trail mix 


Make New Friends

A 4-Part virtual series that provides opportunities to girls to strengthen four competencies as they enter kindergarten. This series allows her to connect with the same friends each week, as well as Girl Scouts staff and volunteers who lead her through sessions around language & literacy, cognition, approaches to learning, and social and emotional learning

Pre-K Info Events
April Tuesdays and Wednesdays: 12:00-12:30pm

Interested in learning more about Pre-K opportunities in Girl Scouts? Hop on a call with a GSWNY staff member to learn more. Click here to sign up for a session.

What Do Daisy Girl Scouts Do?

  • Grow social skills through virtual or in-personal meetings with other girls their age
  • Find new ways to practice kindness, bravery, and generosity
  • Earn special badges and pins to wear as a reminder of the new skills they’re learning
  • Gain confidence and pride in their abilities
  • Learn how to run their own businesses
  • Explore the outdoors and spend time in nature
  • Try out tech and learn cyber basics that help keep them safe online
  • Discover how to help their community and make the world a better place
  • Join a circle of friendship and fun like no other