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Want to know about all the benefits of selling Girl Scout Cookies? Looking for a one-stop shop with the latest safety guidelines, information on earning the Cookie Entrepreneur Family pin, and tips for parents and volunteers working with Girl Scout Cookie professionals?  Use the buttons below to learn more!

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Cookie Connection is your resource for the Girl Scout Cookie Program. It contains updates, tips, resources, and more to help you have a successful cookie season.

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Set Up the Troop Secured Virtual Booth Event

The event you set up in these steps is for your curbside pick-up.

  1. Use the date, time, and location of when/where customers will pick up their cookies after they’ve ordered online
  2. Login to Smart Cookies and navigate to the Booth menu
  3. Click on Troop Secured Booth
  4. Enter the Location information for where the pickup will be. Be sure to check the “Is this a Virtual Pick up Booth?” box
  5. Click next at the bottom of the screen to enter the date/time of your event
  6. Click on Add Appointment time
  7. Select the date and enter the start and end time of the pick-up event
  8. Click Save to close the appointment times window
  9. Click Save to complete the reservation Unlike traditional Troop Secured Booth requests, Troop Secured Virtual Booth events do not require Council approval. You can create multiple pick-up dates. When customers click on your Troop Virtual Booth Link, they will be able to see all active pick-up dates and select the one that works best for them.

Multiple pick-up dates will look like this in Smart Cookies under My Reservations:

Multiple pick-up dates will look like this when a customer is placing an online order:

Set up Start and End Dates for Accepting Order:

The dates you set up in these steps determine how long your Troop Virtual Booth link will be active for customer orders. If you have multiple pickup appointments, make sure these dates extend long enough for people to place orders for all events.

If you would like, you can shut off orders several hours or days before your pickup to allow for time to pick and pack orders. Make sure you have a pickup event scheduled for after the last date it is open. You wouldn’t want people to be able to follow your link, only to see there are no pickup appointments left!

  • Navigate to the My Troop menu
  • Select Troop information
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to the Troop Virtual Booth section
  • Enter the date you want to stop receiving orders for your Virtual Troop booth event
  • If you want to include accepting requests for delivery with your Virtual Troop booth link, check Yes
  • A word of caution: If you allow customers to ask for delivery, things could get a little bit complicated! You would have to track where all the orders need to be delivered to, in addition to the customer orders for those attending your pickup. To keep things simple, we recommend not allowing the delivery option, but you can decide as a troop what works best for you.

Share Your Troop Virtual Booth Link

  • Below where you just entered your dates, there is a link.
  • Click “Copy Link” next to the URL
  • Paste your link in the desired medium (text, email, social media post, etc.)

Review Orders Received

  • Once your Troop Virtual Booth Link is shared and your start date for accepting orders is active, you will be able to see order requests
  • To view orders received, navigate to the Booth Menu and select View Booth Credit Card Payments
  • You will see order that are pending approval highlighted in red.
  • Click on the menu ellipsis on the end of the order row to review the order
  • Click to approve fulfilling the order or cancel if you cannot fulfill your order
  • Customers have the option of donating their order if it cannot be fulfilled. If you cancel the order you will see the conversion to donation if that option was selected by the customer
  • If you do not approve the orders within 5 days, they will automatically be cancelled

Approve or Cancel Each Order

  • Note the pickup location and date at the top of the order (in red)
  • Note the customer information
  • Review the order requested
  • Click Cancel Sale or Approve Sale
  • You’ll need to compile all the orders for each pickup location to ensure that you have inventory or can arrange to get additional cookies to fulfill your orders
  • Approved orders send an email to the customer advising them their sale will be ready for pick up at the designated place and time and that their credit card has been charged.
  • Cancelled orders send an email to the customer advising them that their order cannot be fulfilled, their credit card has not been charged and provides a link to order via direct ship

Complete Your Order Pick-Up

  • To get a printable list of all the orders, click Reports in Smart Cookies and run the “Booth Sale Credit Card Transaction Report.”
  • The report provides the detail on each order that needs to be filled
  • Use this report to work with your Troop girls to pack each order ahead of time
  • Label and tag each order to make them easily identifiable and ready for pick-up
  • Load your pre-packed and labeled orders into your car
  • Set up at your pickup location 10 minutes before pickups start. Be sure to have signage visible for customer to locate you.
  • Orders will have been paid for when approved for pickup, no cash is needed for this event
  • Set your orders up so that you can find them easily as customers pull up in their vehicles or walk up
  • The email order confirmation the customer receives advises them to bring ID or a copy of their order confirmation to identify themselves
  • Check the ID and have the order available for the customer to pickup, or place the order in the customer’s car if you are having curbside pick-up.
  • Keep track of who came to pick up their cookies, and who didn’t.
  • Mark Orders as Delivered
  • Return to the Booth Menu and View Booth Credit Card Payments
  • Locate the order, click the ellipsis under the Action heading and click on Set as Delivered
  • The customer will receive an email confirming the order has been delivered
  • The order status will change to delivered on the View Booth Credit Card Payments page

What is the Direct Ship Troop Link?

  • A virtual troop cookie booth that appears on and tied to the functionality of the Girl Scout Cookie Finder allowing customers to buy cookies online directly from a troop if they choose to not go to an in-person booth.
  • The Direct Ship Troop Link only offers direct ship and donation cookies. Girl delivery is not an option.
  • Direct Ship Troop Links will appear on the Girl Scout Cookie Finder starting on February 18, 2022 and running thru April 3, 2022. If troops have set up their Direct Ship Troop Links in Smart Cookies, orders can be credited to their troop.

How do troops set up their Direct Ship Troop Link?

ABC Smart Cookie: Council uploads active troops into Smart Cookie. Direct Ship Troop Links will be automatically given to troops in Smart Cookies.

When will the Direct Ship Troop Links appear on Girl Scout Cookie Finder?

All Direct Ship Troop Links will appear on the Girl Scout Cookie Finder from 2/18/2022- 4/3/2022.

During those dates, the Girl Scout Cookie Finder does not limit the zip code search to a 25-mile radius. Instead, it will show results of both the nearest in-person cookie booth and Direct Ship Troop Link to ensure online customer access to purchase cookies.

How do Direct Ship Troop Links populate on the Girl Scout Cookie Finder?

Direct Ship Troop Links will populate on the Girl Scout Cookie Finder based on the zip code search of the customer. Results will be random within a zip code and a new troop will appear each time a zip code is searched.

Smart Cookies

Smart Cookies is one of the MOST IMPORTANT tools in the Girl Scout Cookie Program. With the pandemic still a large focus and affecting the way consumers shop, it’s more important than ever to make sure your Girl Scout’s online presence is all set and ready to go.

There is a huge demand for Girl Scout cookies and our nationwide new cookie, Adventurefuls, is spotlighting our 2022 Cookie Program even more. It’s sure to be a big selling year and you’ll definitely want to make sure your Girl Scouts Smart Cookies Online account is used to its full potential. After all, it’s the easiest and safest way to sell cookies!

Smart Cookies is your online command center for your cookie business. Like last year, every girl can easily take credit card payments by using your Smart Cookies account. There’s no merchant account to set up, it’s all right there when you register in Smart Cookies!

Smart Cookies:

  • Allows customers to purchase cookies, pay online and have them shipped directly to their door
  • Allows you to accept credit card payments from any customer wishing to utilize this option
  • Set your goal of how many packages of cookies you want to sell this year
  • Make plans for how you will reach your goals
  • Check how you're doing along the way and see all the recognitions you’ve earned
  • Send e-Cards to your friends and family to tell them it's cookie time and ask for their support
  • Create QR codes, tiny URL’s and social media sales links to easily market your sale and get orders online

View step by step short training videos on how to use Smart Cookies effectively and get the most out of this awesome platform!

In order to use Smart Cookies online or via the mobile app, girls must first create a user account. Parents/guardians should have received an email from Smart Cookies in December. This email directs you to register your Smart Cookies account and get set up to sell. (Please check your spam or junk folders if you don’t see the email in your inbox.)

If you still cannot find the registration email, please let your Troop leader know. All previous Smart Cookies accounts were deleted from last year, so a new account needs to be created for every user.

Each Girl Scout has their own link to post on social media, which allows customers to purchase cookies online. Girls must opt in to provide Girl Delivery as an option if they wish to offer delivery to their customers. Parents can opt to not offer the girl delivery option to customers who order via social media.

There is a box that can be checked or unchecked in each girls Smart Cookies account that controls whether the girl delivery option shows up in the link. 

Because this link can be forwarded over and over, parents will need to approve or deny ALL GIRL DELIVERED ORDERS that come in through her social media link. Girl delivery orders through e-cards you send out do NOT require parent approval, as you can choose who gets the girl delivered option when you send those e-cards. 

Ways to Participate

Girls can sell online in two ways:


A customer places an order and pays online, and cookies ship to them directly from ABC Bakers.

GSWNY will supplement customer shipping costs for all orders of six packages or more.

GIRL DELIVERY (From email ask)

A customer places an order online either pre-paying with a credit card, or request to pay when the Girl Scout delivers their cookies.

GIRL DELIVERY (From social media link ask)

A customer places an order and must pay online (order approval is needed by the parent) and the Girl Scout delivers their cookies.

Quick how-to videos for girls:


On-Demand Delivery Exclusively Powered by DoorDash

Purchasing Girl Scout Cookies has never been easier. A new national collaboration with DoorDash, the on-demand delivery platform, ensures girls remain at the center of innovation as they offer consumers the option to order cookies on-demand.

GSUSA and DoorDash are making it possible for consumers in WNY who don’t already know a Girl Scout to purchase cookies for on-demand delivery or for pickup at a nearby booth.

As part of the entrepreneurial experience, local Girl Scouts will track and fulfill orders, manage inventory, and more, while partnering with DoorDash’s technology and team.

In WNY, consumers can order Girl Scout Cookies for pickup or delivery on or the DoorDash app, with expanded on-demand delivery beginning in March. As always, all proceeds benefit Girl Scout troops and WNY, powering amazing experiences for girls and facilitation of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.

Visit or download the app to find out if and when on-demand delivery is available in WNY by searching for “Girl Scouts.” If not immediately available, continue to check back in to find a local troop nearby.

This Door Dash opportunity will be available alongside select council sponsored booth locations for Cadette/Senior/Ambassador troops. This entrepreneurial experience is one piece of a bigger program and should never be the only way you are engaging in the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

This delivery service experience will show you a window into another part of doing business, giving you the chance to build people skills by working together as a team, decision making by taking the lead in the business operations, and business ethics by making sure you are meeting customer needs and expectations.

New Cookie Entrepreneurship Badges

GSUSA launched 13 new Cookie Business badges for the 2021/2022 year. Girl Scouts can earn these badges by working with their troop leaders to complete each requirement. More information on each of the new badges and requirements for each can be found at

The NEW Cookie Business badges are the best way for girls to develop business skills and learn to think like entrepreneurs as they run their own business. Earning a cookie Business badge gives girls a chance to reach new heights and unleash their potential as they work together with their troop to achieve team goals.

Zoom Trainings

GSWNY is offering quick on-time Zoom trainings for troop leaders/troop cookie managers! We've named them "Cookie Wisdom Wednesdays" - each will consist of a live Smart Cookies demonstration of next steps for troops and girls. There is a limit of attendees per session, so sign up now!

To register for future trainings CLICK HERE! Once registered, you will receive the Zoom link directly to your inbox.  

View Previous Trainings
Cookies 101 (12.15.2021)
Access Password for all recorded videos: COOKIES22

Social Media

Social media is a great way to promote your cookie business. We’ve designed graphics so everyone can share their cookie experience while highlighting the program on their social pages. Share and pair your graphics with the sample messaging and best practice tips provided to generate engagement.

Spark anticipation letting people know it’s almost cookie time—then keep the cookie momentum going until the last day of the program! Finish up the cookie season by thanking everyone for their support and celebrating a job well done! 

Sample Messaging:

  • The day has finally come! Everyone’s favorite season is here. No, we don’t mean winter, summer, or fall. It’s #GirlScoutCookieSeason!
  • I am so excited, it’s cookie time! My goal is to sell XXX packages of cookies this year. Will you help me reach my goal? I’d love to take your order now!
  • CONTACT FREE COOKIE DELIVERY! You heard that right! Want cookies dropped off on your doorstep? Help support my cookie goals this year while staying safe. Select ‘girl delivery’ and I’ll leave them right on your doorstep!
  • Trying to eat healthy this year? You can still support my Cookie Business by purchasing cookies to donate to essential workers. Help spread some cheer by donating now!
  • For Parents: As you know, my daughter ____ is selling Girl Scout Cookies this year. If you would like to help her meet her goal, let me know and we can set up a time for her to take your order.
  • For Parents: Here is a message from my Girl Scout. If you would like to buy cookies, here is the link to her online page!


Cookie Booths


Cookie booths are girl-operated opportunities for customers to purchase cookies from troops. A cookie booth is set up by the Girl Scout troop to sell Girl Scout cookies directly to customers who were not solicited during door-to-door sales. Some examples of cookie booths include grocery stores, retail stores, malls, and coffee shops.

Certain locations may be inappropriate for young girls based on the standards of your local community, may negatively impact the Cookie Program experience for girls, and/ or may negatively impact our brand in your community. For additional clarity, girls should not sell in or in front of establishments that they themselves cannot legally patronize.*From Volunteer Essentials – Product Program

Troops are encouraged to reach out to businesses NOW in their community to schedule booths at their location. More importantly, once scheduled troops should enter their booth locations into Smart Cookies. This enables the booth to appear in the "Find Cookies Now" website AND allows troops to accept credit cards at their booth!

Council-Secured booths are arranged by Girl Scouts of WNY staff with our corporate and community partners. The sign-up process is in two phases for these booths: Lottery and first-come, first-served (FCFS). Instructions on how to enter the lottery are linked below. Council booth locations include: Galleria Mall, GNC, Goodwill, Ashley Furniture, Walmart, Dunkin Donuts, JoAnn Fabrics and Sam’s Club locations. Sign-up for the Council Sponsored Booth lottery runs January 15-February 4. (Additional information is available on your Troop Cookie Guide.)

All Girl Scout levels may participate in booth sites and will gain valuable experiences in the process. Cookie booth activities provide girls opportunities to develop The 5 Skills, such as people skills, as they work with customers, and money management, as they collect payments and make change.

Girls, parents and other volunteers are reminded that participation in a booth site is a privilege provided to them by merchants and business owners. Everyone who participates is representing Girl Scouts of Western New York, and everyone must display proper manners and exceptional behavior and follow all merchant rules and council guidelines at all times.

Quick How-To Troop Booth Videos:

Cookie Booth Benefits

Why have a Cookie Booth?

  • Girls and troops can sell a lot of cookies in a short period of time because they don’t have to transport boxes to individual homes.
  • Girls and troops can reach customers that may have been overlooked or were unreachable during door-to-door sales.
  • Four out of five people will purchase Girl Scout cookies if asked, but nearly 35% of customers are never asked!
  • Girls who are unable to sell door-to-door can participate in cookie booth sales. How do we have a successful Cookie Booth?
  • Select a location with a lot of “foot traffic.” Nights and weekends are generally the best times.
  • Take an adequate supply of the best sellers — at least two or three cases each of Thin Mints, Caramel deLites, Peanut Butter Patties, and Lemonades plus 1 to 2 cases each of the other varieties.
  • Make an attractive table display to invite customer interest. Balloons and cookie costumes are great. • Prepare a troop goal poster and display it at your booth. Customers love to help girls reach their goals! Update the poster as boxes are sold.
  • Make safety a priority at all booths; girls should stay away from street traffic and be dressed appropriately. 
Council Organized Booth Sales

Council-Secured booths are arranged by Girl Scouts of WNY staff with our corporate and community partners. Now that the council booth lottery has run, council secured booths are now considered First Come First Serve or FCFS. The Smart Cookies Booth Scheduler is now open for First Come, First Serve.

Click here to see a tutorial on how to reserve a FCFS booths. 

We have over 400+ council organized booths in the Smart Cookies system for troops to book!

Troop Organized Cookie Booths

Troops may organize their own cookie booths at local businesses and locations

Why set up your own booths?

Holding a troop organized booth sale will help your troop reach their goals and interact with local businesses in your community. This is a great way to show your community that Girl Scouts is an active presence in their neighborhood.

Click here to see a tutorial on how to enter a Troop Secured Booth into Smart Cookies. 

Booth Guidelines:

  • Cookie booth participation is a troop activity.
  • Girl Scouts should be easily identifiable as Girl Scouts (e.g. by wearing a Girl Scout uniform, membership pin, etc.).
  • Keep inventory and money secure at all times.
  • Never leave the booth unattended.
  • Girls can never be left alone at a booth for any amount of time or for any reason.
  • Use the buddy system when using restrooms.
  • Only Girl Scouts and booth specific adults should be at the booth. Additional family members, friends and pets (unless it is a service animal) should not be at the booth with the girls. Non-Girl Scout attendees are not covered under our insurance and pose a safety risk to all participants at the booth.
Virtual Booths

Virtual booths—hosted on social media—give girls a way to achieve their sales goals and help others in their community from home. In fact, girls may find this allows them to discover new ways to take the lead in their cookie business and stay connected through virtual means.

 Here’s how it works:

  1. Invite girls to brainstorm how they can help others with Girl Scout Cookies.
  2. Create a social media event or schedule a livestream. Invite girls (with proper supervision) to go live on Facebook or Instagram to reach large numbers of potential customers. You can also set up a Facebook Event (see directions below). Remember: Girls should review and apply the Digital Marketing Tips for Cookie Entrepreneurs and Families at digitalmarketingtips.
  3. Make it personal and make it fun. Check out our website for some great Marketing Materials!
  4. Consider the logistics and include the details. How will cookies be delivered? Check with your troop for cashless payment options.
  5. Invite friends and family. Encourage girls to mention their goals, what they are going to do with their troop funds, and how they are helping their community.
  6. Promote on social media and in your community. As you know, go-getter Girl Scouts can and will bring out the good in any situation! Now more than ever, girls are spending time in virtual settings and engaging in social media, so an online experience comes naturally to them. Using Girl Scouts’ online safety guidelines, encourage them to go big with social sharing to drive customers near and far to their Virtual Cookie Booth (their Smart Cookies site). They will love making a virtual pitch or creating videos to direct customers to their site. Be sure to use #VirtualCookieBooth in all your posts AND encourage customers to share a photo with their Girl Scout Cookie packages using the same hashtag. You can even leave a note with their delivery!
  7. Celebrate and share your success!
Drive-Thru Booths

Drive-thru booths are great for limited contact transactions and to assist troops with Virtual Cookie Booth pickups. Girls can have these pre-orders sorted prior to the drive-thru booth.

Drive-thru booths must be entered as a “troop-secured location” and approved in Smart Cookies to appear in the Booth Locator and have access to the Smart Cookies credit card system. Make sure you list it as a “Drive Thru Booth” in the booth name.

  • Girls should never approach a car without an adult present
  • There must be two and four adults and between two and eight girls
    • Roles for girls- Creating and marketing signage to encourage customers, relaying information between stations
    • Roles for adults- money handling & transactions, supervising and assisting girls with cookie transfer to car
  • Some locations may not be suitable for Brownies or Daisies, it will be up to the Troop to decide the age level they will allow participate.
  • All cookies sold should be split evenly among all participating Girl Scouts
  • Encourage cashless transactions if possible
  • Use posters to advertise price and goals
  • Consider printing and laminating the Cookie booth signs on the GSWNY website that will show cookie information without customers having to handle packages.

You may advertise your booth sale on your personal social media accounts. Posting on public sales sites such as Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Amazon and eBay are prohibited.

Smart Cookies has the option to post directly to your personal Facebook page from the Smart Cookies site. Find the social media icons under the Troop Reservations tab in Smart Cookies. Scan the QR code or click here to see how to share booths on Social Media. 

Booth Lottery

Council Sponsored Booth Lottery entry open to troops: Jan 15 - Feb 4

The cookie booth lottery is a system within Smart Cookies that allows troops to enter a random process for council-sponsored cookie booths. The cookie booth lottery gives troops an equal opportunity and randomly generates results to ensure a fair process.

Lottery results will be generated randomly by the system, and your troop will be notified of any booths you have been assigned through an email from Smart Cookies 10 am on 2/5.

Follow these simple steps to enter your troop in the booth lottery:

  • Log in to Smart Cookies.
  • Click on Booth.
  • Click on Schedule Booths.
  • Click on the booth lottery location, then select date and time slot.
  • Choose up to 5 booth locations and time slots. We highly recommend choosing 5 to increase your chances of securing one.
First Come, First Served (FCFS)

After the booths have been randomly assigned by the Smart Cookies lottery, any remaining booths will be available on a first come, first served basis. (FCFS) During this time, the troop that is the first to choose a booth will secure that booth.

FCFS opens: Feb 6th (one per troop), Feb 7th (unlimited per troop)


What does first come, first served mean in Smart Cookies?

After the booths have been randomly assigned by the Smart Cookies lottery, any remaining booths will be available on a first come, first served basis. (FCFS) During this time, the troop that is the first to choose a booth will secure that booth.

FCFS opens: Feb 6th (one per troop), Feb 7th (unlimited per troop)

How many booths will be available in the first come, first served opportunity?

That is impossible to predict. It will depend on how many troops choose the booth locations during the lottery. We add booth opportunities throughout cookie season, so we encourage you to check back after the initial booths go live.

Why are some Walmarts listed in Smart Cookies while other Walmarts are not?

Starting in 2020, corporate Walmart and GSUSA required that cookie booths at local Walmarts be scheduled through regional Girl Scout councils rather than having troops reach out to their local Walmart. A staff member from Girl Scouts of WNY contacted all Walmarts and Sam’s Clubs. Some stores opted into the new way of scheduling, and some stores did not. Each store manager has the discretion to determine whether or not their store will use this new method of scheduling cookie booths. Keep checking back for Walmart locations, as some take longer than others to approve our booths at their store.

Can I contact businesses that are not listed in Smart Cookies and ask to set up a cookie booth for my troop?

Yes. You may contact any appropriate business not listed in Smart Cookies. Please note that some national retailers do not allow booths, including

  • Target
  • Kohl’s
  • Wegmans

Idea: Approach a nearby business that might allow a cookie booth so you can potentially reach customers of that business as well as customers at a nearby Target, Kohl’s or Wegmans.

How do I know if a local business would be an appropriate location for a cookie booth?

Make sure that cookie booth locations are appropriate for Girl Scouts by following this guideline: If a five-year-old Girl Scout Daisy can be a paying customer at the business you are considering, then it is fine to approach that business to ask if you can set up a cookie booth.

When do booth sales begin/end?

We have modified the start date for booth sales, as we have been able to schedule troop initial delivery to end earlier than planned on Saturday. Troops can begin booth sales on 3/5 at 11:00 am.

The booth sales period ends on 4/3.

Tools for Cookie Program Success 

ABC Bakers
Want to make this cookie season the best one yet? Check out some of the fun activities and materials for girls from our partners at ABC Bakers.