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Planned Giving

You can create a lasting legacy for future Girl Scouts in our community through a planned gift. Including a bequest in your estate ensures the next generation of girls can enjoy Girl Scouting just as much as you have! Gifts from your will can come in all shapes and sizes, and you do not need to leave a large gift to make a big difference. Large or small, the most meaningful gifts come from people like you, who deeply care about the work we are doing and want to ensure it continues well into the future.

Providing for Girl Scouts of WNY in your will or trust won’t cost you a penny during your lifetime. You have complete control over your assets, and can change your gift at any time.

Allow us to hold you in the highest honor, by letting us know if you have left Girl Scouts a planned gift, and become a member of the Juliette Gordon Low Society. This society was established to thank and honor those who, just like Juliette, choose to make Girl Scouts part of their legacy.

If you're interested in including Girl Scouts of Western New York in your estate plans, please fill out the Declaration of Intent below. If you have any questions, please contact our Major Gifts Manager Heather Bailey.

declaration of intent
contact heather

Juliette Gordon Low Society Members:

We are honored to be included in the estate plans of the following JGL members: 

  • Anonymous (2)
  • Erik and Eva Andersen Girl Scout Movement-wide Challenge Planned Gift
  • Nicole L. Andrews
  • Dianne Belk & Lawrence Calder Girl Scout Movement-wide Challenge Planned Gift
  • Diane Bockrath
  • Mary Lou Britton
  • Jennifer L. Brooks
  • Linda Bumgardner
  • Katherine A. Campbell
  • Lettie J. Chilson
  • Susan and Clayton Cloen
  • Wendy S. Cohen
  • Judith A. Cranston
  • Laura DeConinck
  • Donna M. Dolce
  • Cynthia J. Erickson
  • Kara Fraser
  • Joan H. Frazier
  • Judy G. Gardner
  • Patricia A. Garnjost
  • Lisa Goodell
  • Nancy S. Grimes
  • Katelyn R. Grodecki
  • Sally A. Guthrie
  • Marian L. Herz
  • Eileen Hettich
  • Jerilyn J. Hickey, CFRE
  • Jean E. Hitchcock
  • Suzanne K. Isgrigg
  • Diana W. Kubick
  • Karen Lundgard
  • Joelle M. Maurer
  • Lanette McGovern
  • Jean McGowan
  • Cheryl Messore
  • Dawn Myers
  • Joanne Nelson
  • Samantha Nichols
  • Lynnette Haley O'Stewart, Ph.D.
  • Judith Penzotti
  • Paula Pickett
  • Georgiana Prince
  • Patricia Raab
  • Heather E. Bailey
  • Beverley Rhodes
  • Patrice Sampson-Bouchard
  • Ann L. Sartwell
  • Jennifer Schlick
  • Lisa S. Schreiner Berta
  • Laura Schulitz
  • Michele and Paul Smith
  • Bette Stonebraker
  • Sue C. Sweet
  • Elizabeth W. Thorndike
  • Lori M. Valenti
  • Donna Vanstrom
  • Alison J. Wilcox-Lanfear and David Lanfear
  • Rose Anne Woodard

A legacy gift from these JGL members is a lasting tribute to their belief and love of Girl Scouts: 

Josephine Amish*
Betty Baker Anderson*
Margaret Anderson*
Harry J. Beu Trust
May C. Carroll*
Warren J. Chase Trust
Emerson Colopy*
George Corby*
Irene Hower Corby*
Peter C. Cornell Trust
Thomas and Mary E. Driesel*
Alice V. Dutcher*
Helen Creswell Ellwanger*
Betsy Phillips Fisher*
Adeline E. Fracassi*
William Hodge*
Ruth C. Hoover*
John Wylie Jones*
Corinne B. Loudon*
Martha L. MacAskill*
Virginia D. Martin*
Jean M. Mousaw*
Constance M. Neth
Barbara H. Panasiewicz*
Anabelle Piper*
Thelma K. Rawcliffe*
Douglas L. Rehlaender Trust
Margaret Ritchie IRR Trust
Marguerite M. Rittenhouse*
Margaret Shannon*
Arthur E. Shrubsall*
Floyd D. Slater*
Dorothy E. Slocum*
Alice W. St. Clair*
Margaret Woodbury Strong*
Elizabeth C. Todd*
James H. Van Arsdale, III*
TUW R Wells Harrison Memorial
Dorothy M. Young*

* = Deceased

We recommend consulting with your attorney or financial advisor. You may find this sample language helpful:
Girl Scouts of WNY is to receive the sum of [specific amount](or [percentage] percent of the remainder of my estate). The bequest is unrestricted, and the board or other governing body may use and expand the bequest in any manner it deems appropriate. Tax ID: 16-0743096.

If you have already made a planned gift to Girl Scouts of WNY or would like to request more information, let us know! Please contact Heather Bailey at 1-888-837-6410 x. 6068 or

For more online information, head to

The above information is not intended as legal, tax, or investment advice, it is recommended that prospective donors consult with their own tax or legal advisors prior to making a planned gift.