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Renew your Membership

Don’t let your Girl Scout membership expire!

These forever friendships are just getting started.

Connecting. Testing her strength. Making a difference. Renew today to make sure your Girl Scout continues to shine her brightest.

She’s ready to explore, learn, and create. She’s ready to come back.

Keep the fun going with Girl Scouts and watch her confidence soar.

View our 2022 renewal flyer here.


Every Wednesday starting August 10 through September 28, we’re giving away $50 GSWNY gift certificates – one for girls and one for co-leaders. You could use your certificate to grab a new Girl Scout shirt, buy a badge-in-a-box or help pay for program fees.  The sooner you renew, the more chances you have to win! Winners will be selected from all those renewed by midnight Tuesday.

We’re also doing two Mega Gift Card Drawings of all girls and co-leaders renewed by Thursday 9/1 11:59 pm and another by Friday 9/30 11:59 pm – one $250 card for girls and one for co-leaders by each deadline! 

Gift cards will be for Amazon, Walmart or Target – your choice!


All Troops who renew 100% of girls and 2 co-leaders by September 30 will be entered into a drawing to receive 5 extra cents per box sold during the 2023 cookie sale, up to a maximum of $100!  30 winning troops will be selected!

Service Units

All Service Units who achieve their Girl Renewal goal will receive $100 for their Service Unit bank account.


10% off adult apparel with renewal receipt (single use only) – 12/31/22 expiration

Note: Date of renewal is the date that the transaction is completed in the system. Paper registrations will not qualify for incentives. 100% registration is determined by the number of girls registered for the troop for 2021-2022 membership.

To learn more about the amazing Sage Tuition Rewards Points program, visit our Sage Page.


Trouble Logging In?

Q: Why isn’t my username working?
A: Your username is typically your email address. If you have more than one email address, try each. You can also use the “Forgot Your Password?” link to send a reset email to your email address. If you’re still having trouble, contact your council’s Customer Care team.

Q: Why aren’t I getting the password reset emails?
A: The password reset emails come from, so please make sure it’s added to your safe senders list. If you requested the reset email before marking our email address as safe, check your spam folder. If you’re still not receiving the email, contact your council’s Customer Care team to verify that your username/email address is correct.

Q: How do I reset my password when I no longer have access to the email address associated with my account?
A: Your council’s Customer Care team can easily change your username/email address without requiring you to recreate your account.

Q: Why can’t I see my family when I log in?
A: There are a couple reasons this could happen:

  • Another adult family member may be listed as the preferred contact on the account. That person must log in to renew. Contact your council’s Customer Care team if you’d like to be listed as your household’s preferred contact.
  • You may have a second or duplicate account with a different email address. Try a different username. If that works, be sure to contact your council’s Customer Care team to merge the two accounts into one.

Q: Why can’t I see my troop(s) when I log in?
A: There are several reasons this could happen:

  • Troops are listed on a separate tab from your family. If you have more than one troop, look for the pull-down menu to change between them.
  • Check your member profile to make sure you’re listed as a volunteer in the troop.
  • Not all troop volunteers can access the troop tab. Check with your council to see which volunteer roles they allow to access the tab.
  • If your background check has expired, you may lose access until it is up-to-date.

Your council’s Customer Care team can provide additional support.

Think of all the adventures you’ve been on together, the stories you’ve shared, and the challenges you’ve overcome. Your Girl Scout crew truly is something special. Sign up for another year today and keep the magic going.