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New Troop Leaders

Welcome to GSWNY!

Thanks to volunteers like you, generations of girls have learned to be leaders in their own lives and in the world. Have no doubt: You, and nearly one million other volunteers like you, are helping girls make a lasting impact on the world. THANK YOU for being a volunteer! View the Why Volunteer page.

Click here to view the 2022-2023 GSWNYs Meetings for New Leaders Schedule

Have questions? GSWNY is here to help! Contact Customer Care: 1-888-837-6410 or click here to email.

New Troop Leader Start-up Checklist
  1. Register to be a Girl Scout and select the Troop Co-leader role.
  2. Complete the Criminal Background Check (we’ll email you once you’ve registered) .
  3. Complete Volunteer Basic Training series below.
  4. Complete Grade-level Training below.
  5. Check the up-to-date GSWNY COVID-19 Guidelines.
  6. Check out all our Volunteer Resources pages for additional support.
New Leader Welcome Meetings

All new trained and approved leaders are encouraged to attend our New Leader Welcome Meetings where you can meet GSWNY staff  and learn about our council’s various departments and what they do in an open house type format. Your Service Unit Team’s volunteers are also invited.

Meeting Agenda Includes:

  • Networking with other new leaders, service team members, and staff
  • Introductions and overviews from support departments at GSWNY
  • Time for Q&A

February: Winter New Leader Welcome Meeting -Wednesday, 2/8/2023 1-2:30pm

March: “All About Girl Scout Camp”  Wednesday, 3/8/2023, 6-7:30pm

April: Spring New Leader Welcome Meeting  Tuesday, 4/18/2023, 6-7:30pm

September: Welcome Back for Your Year 2  Tuesday, 9/19/2023, 6-7:30pm 

Questions? Contact Customer Care at 1-888-837-6410 or

Volunteer Basics Training Series

Volunteer Basics Training Series

These short videos introduce you to Girl Scouting and set you up to begin leading a troop. All troop co-leaders are required to watch these videos and complete the Knowledge Check before meeting with girls. 

View the Welcome to Girl Scouts PDF here and video below.

View the Logistics and Resources PDF here and video below.

View the Finances and Saftey PDF here and video below.


Complete the Volunteer Basic Series Knowledge Check 

Grade-Level Training

Grade-Level Training

In addition to the Volunteer Basics Training Series, all troop co-leaders take grade-level training. This training helps create the ideal girl/adult partnership to ensure girls grow and take charge as much as is appropriate for their age and development. 

Grade Level Essentials 

First Aid and CPR Trainings

Each troop should have at least 1 adult with First Aid/CPR training for trips and certain troop activities. GSWNY works with EPIC Trainings to provide First Aid and CPR certification courses for our volunteers at a reduced cost.

Click here to schedule and registration information

An adult certified in First Aid/CPR is required if a troop leaves their meeting place and/or if an activity’s Safety Activity Checkpoint indicates a First Aider is required.  The following healthcare providers may also serve as first-aiders: physician, physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner, registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, paramedic, military medic, and emergency medical technician.

With our partner agency, EPIC Trainings, Inc., we offer full day and blended learning classes.  These standard First Aid and CPR courses include adult and child CPR and basic first aid. Certification is valid for 2 years. 

New Leader Resources
My First Year Guide

A complete guide through every aspect of leading a troop.

My First Year Daisy Guide

My First Year Brownie Guide

Other grade-level guides are in development and will be available soon! 

Troop Leader Blueprint

With the Troop Leader Blueprint, you'll find tips and resources for safe in-person and virtual meetings, as well as badges, Journeys, and activities for every grade level. Best of all, everything has been adapted for today's constantly changing world.

It's everything you need to be the support your girls need, no matter where or how your troop meets this year.

Troop Leader Blueprint here.

GSWNY Members Facebook Group

We created a Facebook Group just for you! Our new GSWNY Members group is designed with you in mind where we share important updates for members and invite you to collaborate with others! If you have a question about Higher Awards, where to take your girls on a hike, a STEM journey, Girl Scout Cookies, and everything in between, ask for input from other volunteers and members. Learn more about the group and click here to join today!

New Leader Guide to Success

More information and resources on leading a troop for the first time 

New Leader Guide to Success

Volunteer Essentials

Volunteer Essentials is the primary GSUSA & GSWNY reference document to be consulted for general safety and planning guidelines. Among other topics, it contains a program overview, safe planning procedures and financial guidelines.

This includes all policies to ensure that your troop is functioning within our local and national guidelines. By agreeing to be a Girl Scout volunteer, you’re agreeing to follow the items laid out in this resource.

Volunteer Toolkit

The Volunteer Toolkit is a digital resource that supports troop leaders and co-leaders, making the process of running a troop easier and more efficient.


Ready for even more? 

Check out our other Volunteer Resources: