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Keeping our girls and volunteers safe is our top priority. Contact Customer Care if you ever have any safety guidelines questions—it is better to be safe than sorry!

Before leading any in-person Girl Scout activities, volunteers must review the Safety Activity guidelines for in-person meetings, and review one of the two July 9, 2020 webinar recordings below: 

Girl Scouts Safety Guidelines

Safety Activity Checkpoints is a resource that provides safety standards and guidelines for Girl Scouts of the United States of American (GSUSA)-approved activities.  

Click here to see the PDF of the Safety Activity Checkpoints.

The Safety Activity Checkpoints (SAC) are written for particular activities. SAC is a resource that provides safety standards and guidelines for Girl Scouts of the United States of America (GSUSA)-approved activities.

GSUSA, local councils, and other units holding a creditial - including USA Girl Scouts Overseas (USAGSO) committees - shall be responsible for seeing that all activities are planned and carried out in a manner that considers the health, safety, and general well-being of all participants in accordance with these guidelines. 

First Aid and CPR Training

Troops must have an adult with current First Aid/CPR training accompany them on troop activities outside of their usual meeting place.

Certain healthcare providers can serve as First Aiders; these are physicians, physician’s assistants (PAs), nurse practitioners, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, paramedics, military medics, and EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians). 

GSWNY is once again partnering with EPIC Trainings to assist our volunteers in securing their required First Aid and CPR trainings.  We currently offer our volunteers two training options.

The Blended First Aid/CPR Course gives the learner the flexibility of training using an online course accessible from any internet device – laptops, tablets, cell phones.  User friendly, it allows students to work at their own pace with the ability to start and stop the course at will.  A short multiple choice test is also required.  To complete certification, an in-person hands-on skills assessment is also required; skills assessments last approximately 10 minutes per student.  For the safety of our volunteers/students mannequins are sanitized after each student.  Training links will be emailed to students after paid registration. You will arrange your Skills Assessment with EPIC when you register. 

The In-Class Course will be held in the Fall and again in the spring.  This 5 hour in-person training will be held at the Rochester, Buffalo and Lockport Service Centers. (see chart below)  First time learners are encouraged to take the In-Class Course; Blended Courses are not recommended for first time learners.  The Spring 2023 dates will be announced after the first of the new year.

These standard First Aid and CPR courses include adult and child CPR and Basic First Aid; certification is valid for 2 years.  EPIC offers the courses at a special rate to Girl Scout volunteers.

  • Blended Learning Sessions: $45.00
  • Full Course: $52.00

For questions and/or to register simply contact EPIC Trainings at 585-615-4379 or email them at  Troop number and zip code are required at the time of registration as your membership will need to be confirmed to receive the GSWNY discount. 


Rochester Service Center  
1000 Elmwood Ave,  Door 9, Rochester NY, 14620  
Day Date Time  


April 5th


Skills session for Blended First Aid/CPR Course 
Saturday April 1st 10am-3pm  First Aid/CPR Complete In-class Course 
Buffalo Service Center  
4433 Genesee St, Suite 101, Buffalo NY 14225  
Day Date Time  


March 29th


Skills session for Blended First Aid/CPR Course 
Saturday April 8th 10am - 3pm First Aid/CPR Complete In-class Course
Virtual Meeting Safety Tips

Nothing is more important than ensuring the health and safety of our girls, whether they’re engaged in real-world activities or exploring online. Here are some tips for reducing risk and becoming more effective digital citizens

Virtual Meeting Safety Tips

Forms and Permission Slips